Played a game for the first time in a while yesterday. Knew it was going to be against orks, and he knew I'd be bringing tau.

He had a boss on bike, 3 more bikes, 3 deft koptas, 2 trukks a dozen or so nobs and near 40 boys.

I brought 7 suits, 2 railheads, 12 fire warriors, and 8 gun drones.

Game was cut short at turn three. I had lost 6 fire warriors, all the drones, and had a couple wounds on the suits. He had lost everything except the boss and one of the bikes. At this point, the shop was closing, so he conceded.

We were playing capture and control. At the end I still held my home objective, he had completely abandoned his in order to try to take mine. Popped the trukks on turn two, deffkoptas ate missile pods, boys got shot all to hell by burst cannons on crisis suits.

One of my railheads threw a submunitions round into my other hammerhead, immobilizing it, but otherwise, my only casualties were a squad of 6 fire warriors that had lost one member in an assault and ran, and a squad of gun drones that got into combat with the boss n bikes and were subsequently destroyed. 3 suits sustained minor damage from ork shootas.

Claiming a victory for the greater good. May the third sphere expansion continue unabated!