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    Returning to Hobby after years ... tourny next week help!

    Hi guys im returning to the hobby from a long break and the store im playing at is running a tourny next weekend. So im looking for a little help for a list based off what minis I have, hey will allow in the tourny. (everyhting has to have several different colors of paint on them.) ... Oh yeah 2k list.

    1 Avatar
    2 Farseer
    1 Autarch
    (all phoenix lords)

    8 warlocks

    24 guardians
    2 star cannon weapon platforms
    16 storm guardians
    20 dire avengers

    10 Banshee
    10 scorpions
    10 Wraithguard

    6 viper jetbikes (3 fixed star cannons, 3 star cannon/1 lance 2 missle)
    6 Hawks
    12 warp spiders

    1 wraithlord
    1 wraithlord seer (forge world)
    5 Reapers

    4 wave serpents with star cannon/pulse turrets
    might be able to get a reaver titan from a friend ( I'm not sure if I would be able to use it... they do allow baneblades and other super heavies in the games though).

    Any help would be awesome... im leaning toward a CC heavy list with the troops as usual for me (other army I play is nids with a few local tourny wins under the belt with them, just got these guys leagle to play so been dying to try them out).

    Any an all suggestions are thankful! I have a play test days on sunday and saturday vs 2 of the other guys in the tourny.... ones marines other is tank heavy IG... a possible 3rd game could be played vs nids for play testing.


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    I just had a Tournament last weekend with my Eldar and I did quite well i think. (6th of 20) Here are some observations I had;

    Storm Guardians! These were the Undisputed MVP of my list for all 3 Games. I put them in a Waveserpent and had them charge units that were softened up from shooting. Give them the 2 flamers. The Warlock is a must and must have ether Destructor or Enhance. Destructor if you are concerned about hordes and Enhance if you need to kill Space Marines.

    Warp Spiders. They were my most expensive unit and I think they always made their points back. (Aside from my mission with guard where they ate a Basilisk shell and were used for contesting only then.) In a Game with Chaos, they single handedly took out a Demon Prince, and half a Plague Marine Squad. As with the Storm Guardians, all three of my opponents underestimated them and paid for it.

    I recommend taking those units in that priority at least.

    I'm no expert but I did notice that Shuriken Cannons and Scatter lasers were better Anit-Transport then I thought. I have Shuriken Cannons and EMLs on my Wave Serpents and my Cannons had more Rhino Kills then my EMLs. Something for you to think on.

    I also think that a Seer counsel, the Banshies, Storm Guardians and the Dire Avengers should be what you put in your Transports. I think it will give you what you need.

    Listen to others comments. This is my observations from one tournament. Hope it helps.
    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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    How long have you been out of playing? How well do you know 5th edition? How long did you play before stopping?

    Just a little advice.

    I ask because knowing the rules and how your army works is pretty important for a tournament. If you've been out for a while, a tournament might not be the best atmosphere to jump back in. It could be a bit overwhelming. Players in tournaments are there to win first and foremost. Some tournaments can penalize you for "slow play," and some players might even take advantage of you. A bunch of friendlier games might be a better idea before jumping right in to competitive play. A good list isn't everything.

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