So I have my Yme-loc army finally painted and now I want more.

I'm looking through the rules for Yme-loc in Epic and was wondering if their was pictures for the unique units for them. Mainly I'm looking for pictures of these units.

Warp Ghost (A command Falcon)
Bright Chariot (Some kind of command vehicle with what i think is the body of a Falcon and a lot of antenna)
Rending Hammer (I think that this is the Night Spinner)
Doom Caller (It says this is a Cobra with a Night Spinner turret or a D-cannon, not sure)

Yme-loc are known for their tanks and I think it would be cool to have a different tank then others can have that actually has some real fluff to it.

I'm looking for pictures preferably but a good conversion description would be appreciated as well as my Google Fu has failed me.