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    What is our Best List?

    My fellow commanders of the hive,
    I have called you to ask what you think our best list is in a 2000 point game, whether it be
    anti-mech, anti-infantry, or an all rounder. So just post your best/favourite list below!

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    No two of my lists are the same. Now I know number6 will probably come in here with his all reserves or DS list, so I won't cover that one. For me, fun or themed play is the way to go. The kind of list I like taking at 2000 point games is the following. Note that I change the list a little and add a Tervigon in when I reach 2500.

    == HQ ==
    Hive Tyrant Brood (350 pts.)
    --> Hive Tyrant (1) - Twin-Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Stranglethorn Cannon, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Hive Commander = 230 pts.
    --> Tyrant Guard (2) - Scything Talons = 120 pts.

    == Elites ==
    Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
    Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
    Zoanthrope Brood (160 pts.)
    --> Zoanthrope (2) = 120 pts.
    --> Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.

    == Troops ==
    Tyranid Warrior Brood (290 pts.)
    --> Tyranid Warrior (5) - Deathspitter, Pair Of Boneswords, Toxin Sacs = 250 pts.
    --> Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.
    Genestealer Brood (10) - Toxin Sacs = 170 pts.
    Hormagaunt Brood (20) - Toxin Sacs = 160 pts.
    Hormagaunt Brood (20) - Toxin Sacs = 160 pts.
    Termagant Brood (20) - Devourer, AG, Toxin Sacs = 240 pts.

    == Heavy Support ==
    Tyrannofex (1) - Rupture Cannon, Stinger Salvo, Thorax Swarm - Electroshock Grubs = 265 pts.

    == Total ==
    1995 pts.

    Always gives my opponents a good game, we don't really like to ever play super competitively. However, if you want a competitive army, then you have a few options.

    Firstly, you have your core of your Tervigon with your AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat and Taken as Troops, partnered with a Termagants squad of 20+. You have two of those groups. Then you have your elites with 2x3 or 2x2 Hive Guard and two Zoanthropes in a Mycetic Spore. That should never change (exc. DS or all reserves list, cue number6).

    Your HQ largely decides on what kind of army you're going to have (well for me at least), and what units are going to make up the rest of your army. Generally, you've got three options (with variation obviously):

    Hive Tyrant with Twin Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms x2, Wings, Hive Commander, Paroxysm, Leech Essence.

    With this guy, you should generally take 20 Gargoyles with TS/AG and maybe include Old Adversary with him as well. Harpies also work well with him, give them TL HVCs and you've suddenly got a bit more anti-tank (and ID weaponry). It's only with this build (for me) that you really ever need to take Fast Attack choices. As for Heavy Support, dual Trygons (one a prime) or a Trygon Prime and a Carnifex in Spore works brilliantly. Tyrannofexes aren't necessary, but they're still good to have (with Rupture Cannons of course, but that goes without saying!).

    Hive Tyrant with Twin Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Heavy Venom OR Stranglethorn Cannon, Hive Commander, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, 1-2 Tyrant Guard.

    This is one of your most all round builds for a HQ choice. Long range, mid range, close combat, reserves supporter, synaptic core, enemy debuffer, and the list goes on. I generally take Tyrannofexes and podding 'fexes with this build, although anything works. Pick and choose from the lot.

    Swarmlord with two Tyrant Guard.

    This guy is very nasty. I give him two Tyrant Guard because he really needs the cover. He too works well with pretty much anything, although dual Trygons are particularly nasty when fielding this guy. He is quite expensive though, so keep him as covered as you can while he gets close with the enemy! Don't use GW builds where he just foot-slogs by himself to the other side of the battlefield! If he had Fleet or, thinking hellishly here, Wings, then he would be probably our best HQ, in my honest opinion. His low mobility is a real bummer.

    So really there isn't a 'best list'. All depends on your situation and what you feel like taking. Good luck!

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