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    So we all know about the standard Termagant: BS 3 with Fleshborers that are 12" STR4 Assault 1 weapons. Well, after playing a 2000 point battle between friends(Me vs. Space Marines), I'm here to give some recognition to the Devourer-Gants. For doubling the point value of a standard Termagant(5 x 2 = 10), You can have a Termagant with a Devourer; 18" STR4 Assault 3. The amount of power in this, even in just a squad of 10-15, is devastating. 30-45 STR4 shots with 18" range. I had two squads of 15 in my 2000 point match vs. Space Marines. Not only did they survive the entire game(of course they took casualties, but no kill point for him!) but they took out a Librarian, 17 regular space marines, and about 12 other units(8 of them being terminators) in terminator armor. This was also considered a messing arpund battle where I decided to use them, and honestly, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to use them in the future.

    NOTE: This is all my opinion, so, what's yours? Do you think they're good, do you think it's not worth it, etc.? Post a comment saying why.

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    Yeah I love Devilgants. They're evil, they're killy... but they're expensive. 10 pts/model, and when your opponent realises what they do then all his anti-infantry fire will go on them, and unless they're being buffed by a Tervigon (very deadly combination) then they'll go pop.

    Chuck 'em in a Spore. That way you can get them to come in anywhere you need them. Them against infantry are like Zoanthropes against tanks.

    So in summary, I like them. But the question is: where are those extra 100 points going to come from? I have 2x20 Hormies w/TS as a standard in my army. Does that mean no Genes in my game, which means less super killy power or intimidation? No Warriors to maintain my Synapse? Is it really worth it?

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    too expensive for my tastes but it might be worthwhile throwing them in a list once in awhile to keep your opponents on their toes. id preferthe enemy to be shooting my gaunts than my otherunits. and most marine playershatetheideaof loosing afew of their finestto afewof our least...

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