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    Red Harvest Ascendant - Flayed Ones

    This weeks unit in ascendance is something that has been stalking around the edges of our Necron armies ever since the 3rd eition codex... Flayed Ones.

    These little sociopaths have great fluff and were dropped into same slot with C'tan Shards, Triarch Stalkers, Lychguard and Deathmarks... Although thats not too bad since Elite slot isn't likely to be the most contested one in our lists. Now there has been much talk around the internetz about exactly how bad the Flayed Ones are, but I beg to disagree. What makes FO's seem bad is the fact that they are compared to Grey Knight Purifiers or Blood Angel Assault marines or even, heaven forbid, Assault Termies. Which is really not very fair, considering FO's price is about 1/3rd of a Termie.

    Now I agree on one thing: If you go and pick up a box of 5 FO's and run them in your list, then you will be disappointed... and rightly. FO's are not hard-as-nails Elites. They may be in Elite slot, but they are more comparable to semi-hordeish close-combatants: Daemonettes, CCW Scouts, Blood Claws... The correct way to use them, IMHO, is in minimum of 15 model squads. Thats a potential of 60 attacks on charge, but comes closer to 40 to 50 once they've taken some casualties before they get to hit. Still, do the math.

    I've used them as Outflanking or precise-homing Deep Striker in Imotekh lists, as a scoring-unit with Trazyn and as a cheap assault body-guard for Destroyer Lords and I've never been disappointed in what 15 of them will do for a wee less than 200 points. I've tried them in smaller units, too, but it just doesn't seem to work. Not enough get through to strike and even though they have 4 attacks per head on charge you really want to pile those dice in a veritable mountain before you roll 'em since these guys don't have Rending.

    To make a long story short: I think FO's have their place in footbound and semi-footy Necron lists of all types. In AV13 spamming Mechanized lists you will be better off with a couple of Stalkers and a small squad of Deathmarks as your Elite choices. But lets see what you think:

    What do you think about the Flayed Ones?
    Do you use them and how?
    Deep Strike, Infiltrate or Outflank?
    How about comboing with Imotekh, Trazyn or Destroyer Lord?

    If you are interested in the other Red Harvets Ascendant threads, they can be found here.

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    Have not tried in a game, I will admit. Which I will also explain. Honestly, I don't like them on paper and don't like them in models and pricing either. Not to say the old FOs were the coolest models ever, but they were better than these ones IMO. Then to look at what GW seems to think they are worth? Thats about $140 for the 15 man squad people talk about. Not worth it to me, for $140 I prefer to keep in my comfort range a little more, say 2 stalkers and some Deathmarks? Yeah, thats all my elite slots, where as the 15 FOs are only one, but when it comes down to it, I don't want $140 on a unit that MIGHT do OK, looks kinda crumby and doesn't even fill many points, causing me to buy MORE stuff as-well.

    I might decide to proxy one day, or if I can get my hands on 15 of the old FOs on ebay or something for dirt cheap, I might consider trying them out a bit, but I just cant justify them myself.

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    Tabletop Terraformer Tzeentch Lord's Avatar
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    In short, I don't use them. I did have a 10 model unit in my army in the early days of the new codex, as I had them in the previous book.
    The results were, well, disappointing. They couldn't even beat a unit of 15 Ork boys on the charge. :-/ They lost the combat and got ran down. Now, granted, this may have been bad luck, it might have been because there weren't enough of them, etc. But in the few other times I've fielded Flayed Ones, they've never produced any particularly great results.

    For the points that a 15+ model unit costs of these things, I'd take a Stalker or a C'tan every time. My armies will always be fielding Stalkers and possibly even Deathmarks over Flayed Ones. Perhaps Flayed Ones might prove effective against, for example, Tau (where they will strike simultaneously!!), although they'd likely have to weather a round of being rapid fired by (at least) S5 guns first. And even then, I don't think they'd pay for themselves.

    If Flayed Ones had Fleet, or they were allowed to move and assault after deepstriking (and why shouldn't they be?), they'd be much more effective. But since they don't have anything like this, they're slow and they're sitting ducks after deepstriking. And that's assuming they don't screw up their own deepstrike in the first place.

    So in conclusion, I don't like them and I don't ever use them anymore. I'd be hard-pressed to be convinced otherwise. For an army that forcusses on mid-range firepower, they just don't seem to fit in. They have no ranged attacks, they're slow, they're not very resilient, they don't have power weapons or rending, they have no unit options. What do they have? A unit size of 20? Oh nice, good luck deepstriking them without a mishap, or hiding them in any cover...
    "Peace, through superior firepower."

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    As stated above, Flayed ones are very lack luster. Personally shy of a few others, I find them near the bottom of our desired list. Attacking last and a 4+ save is just silly, regardless of how many attacks they have. If you DIED before you can swing, it's game over. And being forced to take a horde of 20 to stay alive...that's silly too, because for those points I can get so many more useful things (vehicles, etc) and at the same $$$ amount likely.
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