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    Begging for help

    Okay so I normally play space marines in their various forms (Vanilla and DA mostly) and lately Necrons have been handing me my backside in some very impressive ways. So, I decided i am going to do a Necron army. I like shooty style armies with big weapons that massive damage. SO I picked up the codex and the battle force... what would you suggest next...specifically what models do you think would help me the most. I know I need at least one HQ so which is the best for this type of army, and what other things should I get as a priority.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Don't get me wrong, Necrons are NOT the hardest army out there (however, not the push over they were previously). However, there's multiple posts here about some of our stronger combinations. At bare minimum the 3 units that people rave about are Full squads of Wraiths, Command Barges with a Lord+Warscythe, and dirt cheap annihilation barges are just great at laying down fire for being so few points.

    Other than that, I can't find the huge post I made back for someone with the same question and laid out ALL the strong, good, fair, and crap units in our also laid out some combos...the biggest thing with Necrons (and hard to make a list with) is we need synnergy with OTHER things. Destruction crypteks with Triarch stalker making them twin linked it great, etc.

    Here's a thread:
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    Basic things to get to start out:
    battle force
    annihilation barge
    the barge comes with a plastic lord, and the battleforce is filled with good things.

    Another player asked the same thing not to long ago. Good advice, take a look and post again if any other questions come up.

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