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    1000 point Eldar Army[advice appreciated]

    Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty new to warhammer 40k, but I have played it in the past. Now that I have some time to spend I decided to start building an army, but I'm probably gonna start small for now until I get into the game more. I do have some eldar models already that I bought so I could paint for fun, but nothing too serious(GW store closed where I lived so last year I picked up some things for cheap!). Anyway, I am leaning towards more of a Jet bike army. I am quite fond of the minis and the mobility sounds like it could be fun. I have surfed some forums, including this one, and with what I have gained and thought of myself I came up with this:

    Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing, Singing Spear, Jet bike 173

    6 Eldar Jet bikes
    2 w/Shuri Cannon
    1 Warlock on bike, with embolden and spear(not sure about this)

    6 Eldar Jet Bikes
    2 w/shuri Cannon

    5 Dire Avengers(cuz somebody needs to sit in the falcon)

    Heavy Support:
    1 Falcon

    3 War Walkers
    4 SL
    2 EML

    Total: 960

    Seemed okay at the time I was writing, but constructive criticism would be much appreciated. What I like about this list is that almost everything is going to be hard to pin down and I'm hoping that the troops should be hard to kill. The list sounds very mobile to me, but my major concern is the war walkers. They'll just be left in the dust compared with the rest of the army, but they do offer a withering amount of firepower. I hope that this will be enough anti-tank, but the anti troop barrage should hit hard enough and with doom hopefully even harder. I had intended to take guide on the farseer to bolster the war walkers chance to hit, but I feared that this would effectively put a leash on one of my units unnecessarily. I am open to getting other models(I don't have everything in the list as is) and I am unsure of what to take for that last 40 points. Thanks in advance for any help.

    PS: I think this is to forum rules, but if I am doing anything wrong please let me know. Thanks!

    EDIT: Very sorry I appear to have missed a section of the forums for army lists, my mistake I'll create one there, but I don't see a way to close this. Again, my apologies.

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