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    I've had the excellent fortune :realmad: to draw a Combat Patrol mission against a Tau player in a tournament at my game store. The guy running it has set it up where each player filled up a Force org Chart before the tourny began(2 HQs, 6 troops, etc. etc.), and each mission we fill our points cost from this pool.

    I'm not positive what my opponent has to choose from, but I know he has some vehicles. I really don't know Tau, but I know that Combat Patrol only allows vehicles that have 33 total armor or less to be fielded. How many tanks could he feasibly field (in the 400 pts constraint), along the mandatory unit of troops? I have 'Stealer units and leaping Warrior units that I could use to try and take down tanks, but I'm worried he'll just outmanuver me and blast me from range.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    That'd break down into Front 12 - Sides 11 - Rear 10... IIRC Tau vehicles weren't too heavily armoured, so it might be they match the requirements.

    Pretty sure the Devilfish troop carrier fits the Combat Patrol ruleset... Twinlinked Burst Cannons for weaponry, so it could kill Gaunts and 'Stealers pretty easy, but ExtCar Warriors should be ok. Unless it has the Tau equivalent of Hunter-Killer missile (Seeker Missile, I think), which means it could kill off a single Warrior on the first turn.

    Hammerhead I need to check on... Being an actual tank it might have higher Armour Values, making it unfit to be fielded. If not, IIRC it has the Smart Missile system which can kill things up to Warrior size pretty easily, and either the Ion Cannon or Railgun. Most probably he'll have chosen the Railgun (w/ Submunitions) to decimate Gaunts at range, though single shots will kill off a Warrior per turn.

    More than this is hard to say... I'll try to take a look at the Tau Codex and confirm some of the points stated.


    He can have Devilfish Troop Carriers, but they have a normal Burst Cannon, not twin-linked... As such, I wouldn't say that it'd be much of a threat firepower-wise, merely knocking off a few Gaunts at best. Oh yeah, the Devilfish would have two Gun Drones as well, both with twin-linked Pulse Carbines which can get nasty... They're about as powerful as the Burst Cannon, have less shots, but can cause Pinning. Good thing is, neither the Drones nor the BCannon have that much range... Not as bad as the majority of Tyranid weapons, but not much better. And this, of course, means he'll have to come closer if he wants to shoot... Or wait for You to close the distance.

    On the note of the Seeker Missiles, the Devilfish may carry four of them.

    Frankly, I wouldn't think he'd spend points on the Devilfish... Having taken a look at the Tau Codex, I'd probably go with the ubiquitous Crisis suits, some Firewarriors and perhaps some Stealth Suits for a Combat Patrol. But hey, it's just canned food, right?

    Hammerheads have too much armour to be fielded in Combat Patrol.
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