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    I play Dark Eldar and have ever since I picked up the hobby again after a break of several years. I love my spiky little sadists, but am getting a little too good with them, except when I go to oturneys I tend to lose very infrequently.... so I want a new challenge. I played orks in 2nd Ed and feel that maybe I should go back to these and learn to use them properly (as I never won a game back then) so to the meat of this post.

    What Ork army do you think I should play? I don't want to play Speed Freaks, but others may be interesting. Just ordinary Mint orcs (If space marines are vanilla when play Orks must be mint&#33 or something with a bit more character? I don't really know alot about Orcs in 4th (or 3rd) what options are out there for me to look at and what would you suggest? I have looked at Feral orks, which seem cool and some of the rules for otehr types(clans?) such as the Goffs, but don't know enoguh about them to come to a conclusion.


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    Well Orks can be one great army to play, paint, and convert. Its a good choice staying with a CC oriented army, it can be a challange going from something like Dark Eldar to something like Tau. Anywho, my best advice so to start off with a 'mint' Ork army. Lots of Boyz at first, 3 big mobs is good. Then branch out unto how you like to play, speedy or hard-hitting. Elites are just basicly your standard Boy with a bonus rule or wargear.
    You can later branch out with different Clanz or KoS or Feral or whatever you want, but having lots of Boyz is usualy what all Ork armys are based upon.

    Click the link in my siggy to go to a place filled with awesome starts, tips, yadda yadda and a forum with lots o great Ork plays.
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