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    Alright, I posted this up on the rules forum, but I am interested in your opinion as Tau players. It seems to me that, by the tank shock rules, I could feasibly slam a Devilfish or Hammerhead into an enemy unit while it is locked in combat with one of my own units. The positioning is tricky, for sure, but if you do manage to hit the correct enemy models, it would seem quite reasonable that they could be forced out of melee, which of course is what every Tau player dreams of.

    So far, I have found little in the way or hard regulations that prevent such a maneuver, but I would like to know your feelings about it. Has anyone tried it? More importantly, perhaps, has anyone gotten in trouble with opponents for trying it?

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    I don't think you can tank shock a unit who is in close combat. It would be like shooting at a unit in close combat.

    Now, I have run Orks and 'Nids off the table because of thier fear of my devilfish with no burst cannon left. That was a treat! Doesn't work every time, but hey, any time you can scare slugga boyz into running away from your Firewarriors is a good thing!
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