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    i had bought the tau boxed army the first day it came ou t1 -2 years ago? i just back into it and now relized y i stopped. i totally MESSED them up.
    Let me break it down:

    the crisis battle suits feet broke off with half the legs on all 3,

    the firwarriors i cant get their arm on.

    the crisis suits have weapons on them that there not supose to, 4 weapons and

    such and i took them off several time so i have big gaps.

    the braod side's feet fell offf to and i tried with the poxy stuff to try to fix them

    but im not to smart and cannot do it.

    i also stripped them once ,

    then thought i could see if i could sell them so sprayed them with a white fusion platic sparypaint

    and now have stripped them again.

    half the firewarriors do not have antenas.

    ya and i wont even start with the devilfish

    i feel really bad because i spent alot of money on it but it was a birthday preasent and myparents payed the majority of them. i would really like to restore them to normal but im have a real had time doing soo.
    so ne advise would help and if there is anyway i could sell them i would apprecite the idea, i spent 400$ on it
    thank you for your help

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    Hmm. FYI, if you ever want to strip paint, soak in warm windex.

    To fix the legs on the Crisis suits, you will want to pin them. This means, obtain a hand drill, and file. Clean the area off arround both parts gently with the file, then drill a small hole into both sides of the upper and lower leg. Then taking a small peice of metal, i suggest using a paper clip cut to size with clippers. with a drop of glue in both sides, push the metal into both holes. If you line this right, it will pin the legs in place, and they wont break again.

    To fix the Broadside Battlesuit feet, dont worry, they never fit right. ( Shame on you Citidel! ) Anyways, use a file to file the ball joint down a little at a time, until they fit snugly. This shouldnt be hard.

    To attach the Fire Warrior arms, simply get some good super glue, and have patients while holding them. Another technique ive heard people using, is rubber bands to hold it in place while it glues.

    You should be able to just remove the weapons from your crisis suits. I suggest reading the article at the bottom of my Signature on some suggestions for your Crisis suits.

    Also, DONT USE epoxy. Use superglue, epoxy isnt friendly to plastic. Only use it on metal to metal, if even that. You can find glues that work well on metal, and if you need to, use a hobby knife to light scar the metal areas being glued with a # pattern. This will make more area for the bond to attach too.

    Good luck!

    P.S. I suggest buying some cheap model car or airplane before painting, if you have no experiance. This will give you some experiance on painting something prior to taking on your precious Tau.

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