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    Ive been thinking about doing a very Drone heavy Army..... And, well, without further ado, here is my Drone Heavy Army List.

    A Total of.... ( drum roll please )..... 48 Gun Drones, and 12 Heavy Drones!

    HQ - Shas'O ---------------------------------------------------------160 Points.

    Plasma Rifle / Missile Pod / Shield Generator / HW Multi-Tracker / HW Drone Controller
    2 x Gun Drones.

    SUPER HEAVY DETACHMENT - TigerShark ----------------------- 526 Points.

    Disruption Pod
    14 x Gun Drones.

    ELITE - Stealth Suit Team ---------------------------------------- 207 Points.

    1 x Shas'ui Team Leader w/ Drone Controller
    5 x Shas'ui
    2x Gun Drones.

    HEAVY SUPPORT - Hammer Head Tank ------------------------- 216 Points.

    Rail Gun / Smart Missile System
    Disruption Pod / 2 x Seeker Missiles / 2 x Gun Drones / Multi-Tracker / Target Lock

    2 x HEAVY SUPPORT - Heavy Gun Drone Squadrons ----------- 300 Points.

    4 x Heavy Gun Drones w/ Twin Linked Burst Cannons
    2 x Heavy Gun Drones w/ Burst Cannon / Marker Light

    3 x FAST SUPPORT - Gun Drone Squadrons ----------------------288 Points.

    8 x Gun Drones

    2 x Troop - Fire Warrior Teams ---------------------------------- 304 Points.

    1 x Shas'ui w/ Drone Controller
    11 x Shas'la
    2 x Gun Drones

    --------------------- TOTAL ARMY COST ----------------------------- 1998 Points.

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    The 9 model Crisis Team is also a formidable (albeit expensive) option as well. With 6 Gun Drones and 3 Suits, they pack a BIG punch with a lot of firepower and are quite durable as well. You can't really fit 'em behind cover, but with all that drone protection you don't really need to
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