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Thread: Storm Guardians

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    I am thinknig of getting 2 boxes of Storm guardians. I know they are deadly against armor with the Haywires and effective against troops with their flamers, Kraks, and CC weapons. I need advice on how to use them and what i should give them.

    I know not what weapons World War 3 will be fought with. All I know is that World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

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    There are three main vectors of attack for them:
    The Armored Eldar Fist: A Wave Serpent and a squad of 10, plus Warlock
    The Swarm: A maxed-out squad of 20, plus Warlock
    The Scalpels: Multiple 7-soul squads with Warlocks

    My preferences are to the Eldar Fist or the Scalpels. (the Iyanden craftworld doesn't have the population to field a swarm.)
    The 7-soul squad gives you two fusion guns (similar to the Fire-dragon's gun) or two flamers. Combined with Haywire grenades and/or Meltabombs, plus a Witchblade for the Warlock, you have a highly effective tank-hunting squad. With flamers, and a Destructor for the Warlock, you are laying down three templates before an assault: killer for light infantry, not as effective against the 3+ save troopers we all know and hate.

    Two issues: min-maxing for heavy/special weapons can be construed as cheesy. Lord knows I call out my Chaos friends when they field two five-wound lascannons for their troops choices. Also, you need to attack with such a squad on your own terms. But you're an Eldar player, you're used to that.

    Whether or not two give them Smoke? It's your call. The smoke grenades increase the cost of each model by 20%. How much you value that amount of survivability is up to you.

    They're not a commonly-seen unit and their reputation as being puffballs in combat may fool your opponent into overlooking them. This is one of their greater strengths, sad as it may sound. Like most Eldar units, they operate best in tandem with other units, such as having the enemy pre-pinned by sniper fire or barrage before assault, or backed up by Dire Avenger ShuriCat fire.

    Of course, if you're Ulthwé, you've got something much more potent in your hands in the form of Black Storm Guardians. They can be used with more confidence, and the Swarm tactic is more viable.

    One last note: becasue the models are half-plastic half-metal, they are very fragile. I will oft-times bring the Stormies along and end up proxy-ing them anyway for fear that they will break. (I don't like gluing a painted model.)

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