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Thread: Question

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    Ok, so a TMC can join any unit right??
    Now can a TMC join one already in CC?
    and if so, does that mean......hard to explain here

    @ is a SM
    ^ is a gaunt
    and $ is you TMC


    Ok now does this mean that your TMC can strike SM, but they can hit him back??

    We had something like this happen last night. Dam BA dred charged my spinegaunts, and I surronded him, and had the Carni join in to help take him down. just wanted to know if we did it right.


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    I don't think so. If they were part of the squad before the assault, then yes they could attack so long as they were within 2" of a friendly in BtB, but I don't think your scenario is legal.
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    Originally posted by Doc334ft3@Dec 10 2004, 22:56
    Now can a TMC join one already in CC?
    --- No. This is because joining/leaving units happens in the movement phase, too late to chip in once the Assault has begun!

    Thus Your example is invalid in this respect, since the Tyrant can't become a part of their brood in the Assault phase.

    Something to note is that the TMC rules do not specify the time the TMC can join/leave a brood... However, I consider it fairly obvious that they should follow the IC rules of doing so even though TMCs aren't ICs. This simply makes the most sense and is in accordance to previous rules set for joining/leaving.

    Of course, the Tyranid FAQ confuses the matter by saying that TMCs can leave a unit of Guard at any time. More than actual reference for when they can do this, I consider this a reference that they can do it (Tyrant with Guard Bodyguard), still following the restriction of only being able to do so in the Movement phase.

    Also, on the note of Monstrous Creatures being part of units: TAR defined that MCs fight as units of their own, but the 4thEd mentions no such thing. This would lead to TMCs with Guards being extremely overpowered (Your opponents can't target the TMC, while the TMC gets its full attacks), nevermind joining the TMC to a Gaunt brood for 32 extra wounds in CC...

    As such, I would suggest following the simple logic that MCs (and thus TMCs) in units should be treated as units fighting in their own right in regards to CC, essentially forcing them to follow the same rules as ICs for this (must be in BtB to fight, is considered a separate "unit" for attack allocation process).

    My personal take on GWs peculiar wording... They really should get a technical writer to oversee their rules! :realmad:

    And yes, even if this means the TMC will be following some IC rules (for clearness sake), You still get to allocate to BtB models, since that's a Codex ability.
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