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    I used to play 40k under the last system, and the system before that; I hadn't played for a while before the new system came out, and once I tried to get back into it and realized that harlequins had been squashed it sort of soured me on the whole thing. (under the last system I ran a mixed eldar/harlequin army, then switched over to a pure harlequin list; the only thing that ever proved troublesome was an electro-hull.)

    Anyway, I've heard rumblings that they're going to be putting Harlequins back into the game at some point in the near future, and I decided I'd check out a couple places online and get some feedback on the non-harlequin Eldar list.

    As models go, I've still got a fair chunk of my old models (though it looks as though I'll need to supplement it with some other things.)-

    1 Avatar
    2 Farseers
    10 Warlocks - farseer/warlocks all have witchblades modeled.
    30 Defender Guardians
    40 Harlequins (storm guardians, for the moment? five or so are shadow seer/great harlequin/solitaire models- if anyone has any info on how these work out when a warlock with enhance accompanies them, I'm interested)
    18 Striking Scorpions, 2 exarchs
    12 Dark Reapers, 1 new dark reaper exarch, 2 old w/o/skulls reaper exarch.
    2 Wraithlords- no shooty bits. (they used to move 8" and charge 16" under the old system; I used them for pinning down enemy support units until the harlequins, avatar/scorpions, and various sundry parry-crazed exarchs showed up.)
    6 Death Jesters
    10 Fire Dragons, 2 exarchs
    6 Banshees, 1 exarch

    And that might be it? I have some other stuff floating around, but that's the brunt of what isn't in bad shape after a few years in a large plastic bag.

    I was thinking of getting a support weapon battery (d-cannons, probably) and a cheap war walker squad (with shuriken cannons or scatter lasers) to fill out some more options. I was also thinking of wave serpents for the scorpions, but I'm still a little 'eh' on doing that. Lots of cash.

    At any rate, the guys I've been playing since forever (one of them used to run a Squat army, to give you an idea) both run close combat heavy armies- one Khorne the other Nurgle -I've got the models to chew them apart with shooting, but I'd really rather beat them in close combat just to really rub it in. It's also worth noting that we'll be playing a lot of larger games where I'd be playing both of them at the same time.

    Two main questions:
    Is there something I'm missing, or are banshees pretty rank when it comes to chaos (esp nurgle) killing? Just looking at the numbers, they don't seem to be any more likely to drop marines than scorpions, but scorpions have the added bonus of the 3+ armour save and the strength 5 exarch.

    Also, how effective is the 'forest of witchblades' approach- 1 farseer, 5 warlocks, all w/witchblades, 1 w/enhance, 1 w/embolden, and fortune on the farseer? - in the (few) games I've played under the new system they make short work of vehicles, marines, and demons, but, yeah. Would it be better to use the farseer as "guide" support on a unit of scatter laser War Walkers? (6d6 str 6 shots, re-rolling misses).

    As a side question, can you shoot a Wraithlord in close combat? In two of the games I played I used wraithlords to pin down marine units (that only had four strength) in one area while overloading another with scorpion units + the forest of witchblades. After the scorpions and the farseers cleaned up one chunk of troops, they'd just knock into the next ones (which couldn't back each other up, since they were tied down by the wraithlords). Anyway, that worked out reaaaaaaally well, but the third guy I played (who always -used- to know his stuff at least, under the old system) just pulled out some plasma guns and toasted them with other units.

    Been typing too long.
    In closing:
    What should I look out for? (esp. painful bits)
    How possible is it to overload an enemy in close combat with Eldar in the current system? And are Scorpions better for that, or Banshees?

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    ok i like scorpions better then banshees cuz they are str4, get way more attacks and are better fihgters alla round. if yur fighting orks...the power weapons wont hur tthemmuch cuz they ony get a 6+ save, while the scorpiosn will cuz they much more attacks.

    dont try to much hth. field 1-2 wraithlords and thats all yu need for hth and the scorpions...the rest just shoot it out. star cannons in guaridan squads and dark reapers or warwalkers or vyper jetbikes...shooting mostly and a little hth. most armies are designed tog et into hth so u can just shoot them wait for them to come and have yur hth units in front waiting for the,m. i do that and it owrks rther well. foola round with tactics and different untis and find out wat works for oyu. also there are some really cool craftworlds that iw ould recomnend looking at. i played vanilla eldar until i fell in love wiht ulthwe...seer coucil....<drools>
    <insert witty remark here>

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