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    Lost out of first by two points. Won 2 and tied the last game.

    First game against Eldar. Quarters mission. Solid victory. By the
    end of the game all he had left was a Wraithlord and his Falcon Grav
    tank which was immobilized and had 2 weapons destroyed. I had two
    Raiders downed, Talos and the Warp Beast pack killed.

    Second game was against Feral Orks. Control your loot counters and
    take his. The toughest opponent I faced and almost lost. He took a
    heavy, medium and a light squiggoth. These were a bear to kill with
    their massive numbers of wounds and weapons. The turning point came
    in turn 5 when his Warboss and Nobz Bodyguard downed a Raider in CC. This
    left them in the open for combined DL, Blaster, Disintegrator and
    rifle fire. My HQs/Haemi and a Raider Squad captured his high point
    loot counter on an assault which saw every weapon hit wound and
    kill. He ended the game with his small Squiggoth one Madboyz mob
    and his Junkatrukk left alive. I had two Raiders, DL Ravager, 4
    Wyches, Warpbeast, Talos and a warrior squad killed.

    Third game ended in a draw and cost me the RTT (I won by a whopping
    10 victory points but it takes 200). Cleanse against an armor heavy IG
    force. We spent the entire game shooting at each other and killing
    nothing. He downed 3 Raiders, Disintegrator Ravager, Talos,
    Warpbeast and the DL squad. I killed his Demolisher, 2 Chimeras,
    Grey Knights, several Stormtrooper Squads, Rhinos and his Hellhound. We
    spent the entire game dancing with each other trying to get into
    position for a kill.

    What worked for me:
    Haemis. One in each Dis Raider Squad. Destructor averaged 4-6 hits
    per template and rolled AP of 1-2.
    HQs. All those power weapons. Go figure.
    Night shields on Ravagers. Before the tourney I never used them. Will
    Blasters instead of Shredders. Changed them out in all my squads on a whim. They killed their share of vehicles.
    Talos. Yes he died every game but made up for it by drawing fire
    allowing everything else to get into position.

    What didn't work:
    Warpbeast. Never earned their points or drew fire.
    4 bike Reaver squad. 2 Blasters and Haywire grenades. Didn't account for a
    single kill the entire tourney. Mainly due to bad die rolls. Thinking the Warpbeast
    will go to up their numbers so they have a chance of surviving a round of shooting.
    DL Warrior squad. They accounted for 2 vehicle kills the entire
    tourney. Even when I fired at troops they whiffed. Again it was die
    rolls so they'll stay in the force.

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    Nice work... but dont suddenly write off a unit after a few games...give those reavers and beasts another chance
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