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    This guide is a way to make very convincing dark lances and blasters. Put up against the real thing they do have some marked differences but no one has ever said anything against them so even my most strict wysiwyg freinds dont mind.

    STEP 1: Parts
    One great thing about this is you dont need to bits order anything, you only need a basic warrior sprue. All you need (aside from your tools) are two splinter connons (not real ones, plastic ones). One will become a dark lance the other a blaster.

    Take one splinter cannon and do the following:

    1. Cut the barrel off and cut the knife off the barrel, save both parts.
    2. Cut the top and back handle off. Discard them (unless you want them).
    3. Cut the rectanglular peice off (see bottom left of picture)-smooth this cut as much as possible because this will be the handle and you must be able to glue it to the models hand).

    Take the second the second gun and do the same ecept, but remove only the tip of the barrel (see 'a' in picture).

    Use the picture below to show you where to cut (obviosly a bit straighter than my lines).

    Use this PICTURE to help you (It wont let me post the picture on the site so I just linked to it, download it if you want to)

    For the assembly one will become a dark lance and the other a blaster.

    Im going to do the blaster first because it's easier:
    Take the gun that you cut the whole barrel off (the first one). All you have to do is sand the bottom of the front (what is now the barrel) and then glue it by the small peice at the back to any hand. Glue the small bayonet that you saved and glue it to the bottom of the grip of the weopon.
    TA DA! Not perfect but damn good, it will get you by. Now the dark lance, this one looks much better and very real. If you want you can glue the tip you removed from the other gun and glue it to the end of this one.

    Take your remaining gun and glue the barrel you removed from the other gun to the front of the barrel of the second gun. You will likely have to sand both parts down until they might flat and straight. You dont want it to be crooked. Once your done that use the same method to attach it to your warrior.

    This method is good for making a warrior sqaud because everything you need is in the box. As I have said before it's not perfect but it's pretty good. I will post pictures a.s.a.p. and feel free to post any comments on it.

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    Interesting, I would like to try this, but could you do some sort of key to the letters on the diagram? it would make it alot easier, well maybe for my tired self anyway&#33;
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