Hey dudes, some of the talk in the 'What HQ' and 'New Units' Threads about a Stealth Suit Commander Got me thinking. I don't think that a Stealth Commander in the normal army list would work very well, but what about a Stealth Commander as a special character? Well this got my imagination going and I came up with one, along with a nice veteran bodyguard of course. I always liked the idea of a Stealth Commander being 'eccentric' as it says in codex, so this features strongly, as does the idea of a stealth team working independently from the rest of the Tau force. I didn't want him to be too powerful and too expensive, but I wanted him to be, shall we say, colourful. I also wrote a bit of Fluff in the form of a story, which I hope you guys will like (you can tell that my imagination got carried away :rofl: ). Let me know what you think.

Shas'vre Bork'an La'ren
WS BS S T W I A LD Sv Points 75
3 4 3(4) 3 2 3 2 9 3+

Special Character: A Tau army may include Shas'vre La'ren as a special character. If you decide to take him then he counts as a HQ choice for your army. he must be used exactly as described below and may not be given extra equipment from the Tau armoury.

Equpment: XV15 Stealth Battlesuit (profile ammended above)


Stealth Armour: As codex Tau

Infiltrate: La'ren may use the infiltrate special rules, if he is accompanied by his Veteran Stealth Bodyguard (detailed below) they to may infiltrate.

Lucky Shot: Whether it be through skill or blind luck La'ren has the uncanny ability to find weaknesses in his Foe's armour, and inflict that killing blow. To represent this La'ren's Burst cannon counts as a rending weapon.

Terror and Confusion: La'ren and his men are known for the ferocity of their surprise attacks. They have heavily modified their weaponary to fire incendiary ammunition of all kinds of colours, and to be able to launch grenades. An attack from La'ren and his team is a blinding and Deafening spectacle. To represent this any unit that suffers casualties from La'ren and his team in the shooting phase must take a pinning test with a -1 Ld modifier.

Lone Wolves: La'ren and his team operate entirely independently of the main Tau force, often spending weeks in a warzone without contacting the main battlegroup. La'ren and his team are not affected by 'Price of Failure' Leadership tests resulting from the death of an Ethereal.

Bodyguard: La'ren may be accompanied by a veteran Stealth Team bodyguard. La'ren Personally hand picks and tutors his bodygurad and if he is accompanied by them the unit is automatically bonded at no additional points cost.
Veteran Stealth Bodyguard
Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv Points 42
2 4 3(4) 3 1 2 2 8 3+

Equpment: XV15 Battlesuit (profile ammended above, all the usual rules)

Team: The Bodyguard is comprised of 2 - 5 Veteran Stealth Bodyguards. One of the team may be upgraded to a team leader at +5pts and then may select equipment from the tau armoury.

Independent Character: If not accompanied by a veteran stealth bodygurad La'ren counts as an independent character as per the rules in the WH40k rulebook. If La'ren joins another unit he loses his, Lone Wolves, Terror and Confusion and Infiltrate special rules.

Guardsman Mikkelson, soldier of the 18th Parihan Light Infantry, trudged onward through the mud. His keen eyes scanned the area ahead. Although the air all around him was thick with moisture; visibility was clear, and Mikkelson felt secure in the knowledge that they were at least a day and a half away from the front line. The Tau forces had been retreating on all fronts, and he and his platoon were moving up to secure the newly captured territory. Ahead of him and to his right Mikkelson watched Lieutenant Varras stride purposefully forward, accompanied by Guardsman Reinsch who held the company standard proudly aloft.

Mikkelson heard a loud and terrible shrieking noise from behind him. He instantly spun around, tightening his grip on his grenade launcher. He saw a streak of purple energy arc across the sky. It slammed into Sgt Tarel’s squad at the rear, and erupted in a blinding, multi-coloured explosion. Suddenly the air was filled with brigtly coloured projectiles tracing their way towards the Guardsmen. And a constant high-pitched shrieking surrounded them. Mikkelson watched in horror as a swathe of men from his squad were cut down by burning green ammunition. And gazed helplessly as he saw what remained of Tarel’s squad at the rear disappear under hail of incandescent fire.

To his right Mikkelson thought he saw one of his assailants; a figure in Jet Black armour. But the image was unclear, distorted some how, and a veil of blue smoke was now in the air obscuring his vision. Before he could react in any way, a small metallic disc landed at his feet. Mikkelson threw himself to the ground. Taking a mouth full of dirt in the process. The grenade behind him exploded in a blinding white flash accompanied by a deafening sonic blast.

Dazed and confused Mikkelson lay in the earth. He slowly raised his head, and through the white spots across his vision he saw Lieutenant Varras standing just ahead of him. Guardsman Reinsch and the company standard both lay in the mud at his feet. Varras was clutching a wound on his shoulder and screaming out orders. Mikkelson was unable to hear a single word, but by watching the Lieutenant he made out the command “RETURN FIRE!?. He staggered to his feet, turned, and raised his grenade launcher. But there was not a target to be seen.