well ive been doing really well in a tournement did i spell it right
im ranked 4th out of 32 people

ive been using a pretty good list against eldar i didnt make the lsit i copied it of a friend hes ranked 2nd
and i need a really good list for killing marines and mainly marines
this is my list now

Elites:4 stealths 120 pts

troops:8 fire warriors with all pulse rifles and shas'ui upgrade 80 pts

fast attack: 6 pathfinders shas'ui upgrade
transporter Devil fish 2 seeker missiles
this is for busting tanks
thats my list so far

ill tell you what go so people can make a list

4 crisis suits all 3 with plasma rifle and multitracker
1 with missile pod, burst cannon and multitracker
5 stealts
devil fish
8 gun drones
13 kroots

and there are rules to these competiton
no unit must hav more than 2 wounds
armour of vechicles adding up to 33 front+side+rear
nothing with a 2+ save or better apart from eldar pathfinders
must be 400pts whole army
least one Hq choice
thats pretty much

so if u got any ideas for a superlist please post it becasue i need to kill marines becasue everyone collects them