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Thread: 3k Goal

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    Hi there, I'm starting my Necron army now (my tyranid army is at 3k and its time for something different.... Necron's are my choice for that)

    I just wanted to get your opinion's about what units to focus on. I ultimate goal will be a 3k Necron army.

    I really like the Pariah and Wraiths. I don't care much for teh Tomb Spiders (though the production of swarms is wow... has anyone had success with these guys?). I love the monolith but the other heavy support options I'm leary about.

    My main opponets will be a Chaos Space Marine Army (can field up to 6k). Sometimes a Dark Angel or Space Wolves will be the enemies. The CSM worry me with the Khorn beserkers. From what I've ready, Necron's don't do well in CC. Any hits to pass along here?

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    Necrons do fine in CC, just not GOOD. Against Tau and other mediocre armies CC is fine. Tyranids and such, we don't get into CC with.

    I'd suggest a good start would be a battleforce. (20 warriors, 5 scarabs, 3 destroyers) Check out www.thewar store.com they have some good deals.

    All in all I don't like Pariahs much, or wraiths. (Die too easily) Pariahs move too slow, and wraiths only have 1 wound and no power weapon.

    Tomb spiders are great, they allow you to get your WBB within 12" (that's huge.) The scarab spawning thing is fine, except for the majority toughness rule, the spider gets a toughness 3, until the scarabs die. I use 2 in a 2000point list.

    Here's what I'd shoot for with an army (not fully 3k, but a good base):

    - 60-90 warriors. Roughly 10-15 warriors per 500 points in a game.
    - 5 Destroyers (minimum)
    - 6 HD's (I'd suggest using magnets to make changable as destroyers to HD's)
    - 10 Immortals (these are great for VoD)
    - Monolith
    - 20 Flayed ones
    - 10 Scarabs (you'll have plenty, they come with warriors.)
    (That's around 3000points.)

    This would get you started easily. But the key to any necron force is LOTS of warriors! If you want you can mess the number some and get pariahs and wraiths. It's just my preference.

    5 Pariahs
    3-6 Wraiths
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