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Thread: Necron Tactica

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    **well, figured we needed one for all tha noobs, to get the basic strategy down.

    Let's all add our 2c and make this a good tactica.

    Here is what I have so far.**

    Okay, so you've decided to play necrons, good! Necrons are an easy army to assemble, and fun to play. Necrons are a tough army, with resilient units, when in the right hands can be very effective.

    Necron Tactica v1.0.3

    The basics - Necron abilities

    "We'll Be Back"
    This is an important one, the wbb roll is what makes the necron army effective. Without the wbb roll, we are just costly space marines with no weapon options/skills/vehicles. In all of your lists you want to ensure that you maximize the amount of wbb rolls you wil get for your fallen troops.

    Phase Out
    If you lose more than 75% of your "necron" units, you will phase out and lose the game, make sure that this doesn't happen. Always take alot of warriors, maxing out on elites and fast attacks and only taking 2x10 warriors will lead to phase out against a good opponent. Don't make this mistake.

    Necrons are the only race that can teleport around the board, and leave close combat when they do it. Two things give us this ability, the veil of darkness, and the monolith. The veil of darkness will scatter 2d6, so be carefull, don't go off the board or into your enemy or you will lose the squad. Necrons don't like cc (unless your fighting tau or some ig), every effective list will have at least 1 way of getting out of cc (or a counter-assaulting c'tan).

    We can flee. We have leadership 10, but are not fearless. If your opponent makes you roll enough times, you will fail them ever so often. Make sure you don't hug the board edge unless it is of last resort, or with a big enough squad that you won't have to roll morale for shooting casualties.

    Gauss weapons
    It is nice that every gauss weapon can glance on a 6, and wound high-toughness models on a 6. In reality, it takes alot of shots to make this effective. I have seen this to be most effective when combined with rapid fire, immortals, or destroyers. You need to lay out alot of shots to get those 6's. If you can land 3 6's there is a good chance you could pop a vehicle that you are shooting at. Basically, don't bet that 15 shots is going to drop any vehicle/mc with consistency, but 20 warriors rapid firing is a different story.

    The nitty gritty - Necron Units


    Necron Lord
    The Necron lord is our only HQ (aside from the c'tan). So, like it or not, your gonna have to take him. Some feel
    he is overpriced, but his usefullness cannot be denied. If you field alot of units, or you use a d-bodied lord with wraiths, you will need to take 2 to keep your res orb range to cover most everything. The lord is a support unit, to keep your warriors alive and doing their thing, but don't underestimate his cc prowess. He won't take on a bloodthirster/terminator squad with any consistency, But a master or chaplain (without a power fist) will have soemthing to deal with when he comes around. He can take 100 points of wargear, not counting the warscythe.

    The most common wargear configurations of the lord are the ResOrb/Veil and the D-Body/p-shifter/warscythe/ResOrb. Costing you 200 and 210 points respectively, you must use them to their fullest.


    Staff of Light - This thing is no joke, BS4, S5, AP3, assault3 will mow marines down quickly. It is a shame that only the lord can wield this wonderfull weapon. Take it always, unless you need to worry about ignoring invulnerable saves (it is a power weapon, so ignores armor saves), or destroying vehicles/walkers.

    Warscythe - the ultimate WH40K cc weapon. Ignoring all armor and invulnerable saves, this can be brutal. In reality, I find this weapon to not be very usefull over and above the staff of light. For 10 points, you lose the AP3 shooting The 2d6 armor penetration is great, but the lord is only S5, don't bet on the lord cutting down that land raider (although it is possible).

    Chronometron - This will give you an extra D6 when sweeping advance or fleeing. Best used when being offensive with a d-bodied lord. You should have a way of getting out of combat before you need this in a retreating position.

    Disruption field - IMHO you should take the warscythe if you want a uber vehicle-destroying lord. But adding the disruption field will give you a slightly higher chance of destroying said vehicle. This is ussually only effective if your opponent does not move his vehicle, so YMMV. This is best to be taken with a d-bodied lord who moves quickly, and who also wields the warscythe.

    Destroyer Body - +1 toughness makes this lord hard to kill. Watch out for heavy weapons, they will still wound you on a 2+, but stick this lord in the middle of a bunch of tactical marines, and watch him slice and dice. They will need 6's to get back at him, and you will mince them up. This combo is also used well with wraiths, as they can fly around and hunt whatever looks juicy on the table.

    Gaze of Flame - IMHO, this isn't a very effective piece of wargear. The lord has to be directly assaulted for it to have its effect. In most cases, whatever is assaulting you isn't very appealing, so it is best just to stay out of combat. Gaze of Flame also drops your opponents LD to -1, this can prove effective when teamed with pariahs, or flayed ones, or a nightmare shroud.

    Lightning Field - this is combined with scarabs most often. For 25 points, I've yet to have this wargear kill it's point value in opponents. But YMMV.

    Nightmare Shroud - This is the other way to get out of combat. Combined with Pariahs or against a low ld army, this can be brutal. Don't bet on it for a tournament list though, there are some armies who are fearless (like alot of chaos marks), in these cases, it will be a waste of points. Most often taken with a warscythe to replace the shooting ability lost when you trade the staff of light for the warscythe.

    Phase Shifter - Give it to the d-bodied lord that runs with wraiths. Use this to fight those power fists and monstrous creatures, because they can hurt if you don't have an invulnerable save.

    Phylacerty - Best used with a monolith to double your chances of it being effective. Some swear by it, but if your not doubling your wbb ability, you have the chance of it being a completely useless piece of wargear 50% of the time.

    Resurection Orb - The holy grail of wargear, this is a must have in almost any game. There are way too many 2x toughness and power weapons fielded amongst most opponents to ignore this piece of wargear. Keep as many squads covered at all times.

    Solar Pules - Basically a waste of points. I've never fielded it, since you opponent will just ignore that squad for 1 round, and then turn their sites to you again.

    Veil of Darkness - The 1 of 2 ways of getting out of cc. You should always have some way of getting out of cc. The veil is most commonly combined with 10 immortals to reach out and touch some offensive squads. Don't use it if their is AP3 blast weapons around, you will lose alot of men if you get hit. This can also be used to confuse your enemy, or distract them and drive a portion of their forces from your bulk, then quickly return to the heart of the battle (maybe tie up the ones that split off with scarabs/wraiths, etc...).


    Arguably, the most under-priced necron model. This is our only troop, so you will have to get used to them. For 3 points more than a space marine you get a wbb roll, which in effect turns your 3+ save into a 1.5+ save (not counting AP3 or less weapons), or a 4+ invulnerable against low AP weapons. Taken in large squads, they can lay down a massive amount of firepower, and can hold against alot of heavy weapons. Always take alot of these, IMHO 30 is the absolute minimum to field in 1500+. The ability to take them in squads of up to 20 makes them very effective, it will be hard for your opponent to break that large of a squad, and if you can get into rapid fire range, they better watch out.

    Options - Disruption Fields - Don't bother, since the d-field doesn't let you wound on a 6, just confers the glance rule in cc, you will never use them. The only case where they may help is against a walker, but you should stay out of combat or spend the points on a heavy-d to wipe out the walker.


    Everyone has an opinion on pariahs, some swear by them, and others hate them. For 8 more points, you lose all the necron abilites, but get a warscythe toting S5 immortal that reduces leadership to 7 within 12". They can be effective against 2+ save models, but said models ussually have equally devastating equipment to fight back with, and without a wbb roll, you will lose the models. These guys can be effective against powerfist wielding terminators, but they will need the assault to be completely effective. A good opponent will shoot them to death before they get to charge terminators tho. A minimum squad isn't a bad idea though, just to weaken your opponents moral. Used in conjunction with the nightmare shroud or flayed ones, the leadership modifiers can be devastating. They are also fearless.

    Some peoples favorite. AP4 will hurt against 4+ save opponents (tau and IG). Moving and shooting can be effective if you are withdrawing your troops, and attempting to stay out of combat, or trying to close on a poor cc opponent. They can whittle down that advancing opponent before they get into cc. Never take disruption fields. Also combine these with the Veil of Darkness, to lay down some mobile firepower, just watch out for AP3 or better blast weapons with the VoD.

    Options Disruption Fields - Give these to your immortals will have the same effect as they do for the warriors. Since your immortals should be behind, laying down covering fire, this will probably never be used. But an immortal could potentially shoot his assault weapon, and then charge into combat, a full size squad now getting 30 chances to destroy said vehicle. YMMV, but this is an option I stay away from since immortals already shoot gauss and don't infiltrate like the flayed ones.

    Flayed Ones
    IMHO these should be troops, but regardless of that. They are basically warriors without shooting ability, and an extra cc attack (and they are I4). Best when fielded in full size, these guys can infiltrate, deep strike, and move 3d6 through cover. The other great thing is terrifying visage, at -1 ld, your opponent will have to pass a morale check or only hit on 6's. Combine this with Gaze of Flame, or Pariahs to be really effective. Your opponent can opt to strike other models in multiple combat (but not after he rolls his leadership). This has no effect on fearless models tho.

    Options Disruption Fields - Give these to the flayed ones to give all of their attacks the chance to auto-glance a vehicle. This can be potentially lethal, especially against a stationary vehicle. Combining this with infiltration may work well depending on how your opponent deploys. I have yet to be successfull against my opponents with this, but YMMV


    Purely offensive, these guys can be brutal against T3 armies, where their S6 doubles their toughness. They will almost always go first at I. 6Wraithflight, and the 3+ invulnerable save make these guys very appealing for tie'ing up powerweapon units. Combined with a d-bodied lord, they can be very effective. Don't bet on them taking out 2+ save opponents tho, since they don't have power weapons. They can tie up said units tho, for a bit with their 3+ invulnerable, but since they only come in squads of 1-3, they suffer the chance of an unlucky roll and phase out. Be carefull with them, they are a surgical instrument to be used at the right time agains the right units, they can get mobbed, and at T4, they will fail their saves eventually. These guys can be used to distract, or divert some of your opponents forces away from the real battle, allowing you to focus fire on only a portion of their army will let you piece them apart.

    Who doesn't love these guys. Move 12, S6 Heavy 3, BS4. These guys lay down massive fire. 36" range AP4 is also brutal against 4+ save armies, like tau and IG. Strength 6 is also highly effective against low armor vehicles, like eldar, land speeders, etc.. with the high rate of fire, AV10 vehicles have a good chance of getting penetrated. Good against infantry and vehicles alike, their only weakness is small numbers. Always field 5 or 2 squads of 3, or they will get mowed down by your opponent quickly. These are also great for securing objectives and holding quarters.

    These fearless bugs are invaluable. Also arguably the most underpriced model in the army, they always prove usefull against any str5 or less opponent. They get +1 cover save, so keep them in it until they get into combat. They are vulnerable to any shooting S6 weapon, which will instant death them, so watchout for those assault cannons. Best when used in 6 or more, they can tie up a squad for almost a whole game, or roll over a minimum 5 man squad of marines in 1 turn. Although they can deep-strike, I've never used the ability, I prefer them on the board in round 1. Scarabs are also very usefull in distracting/intimidating your opponent. You can use them to make your opponent divert some of their forces towards another side of the board, while the bulk of your army deals with the remainder, they will be locked in combat with the scarabs until the end of time (or so it may seem for them).

    Options Disrution Fields - These are probably the most common unit seen with disruption fields. Their fast movement and low cost makes them ideal vehicle hunters. As always, it depends on how your opponent deploys his units/vehicles, so YMMV, but 10 of these guys getting 40 hits on a stationary vehicle is almost guaraunteed to destroy it on the assault.


    Tomb Spiders
    Our only non-special character MC. These are good counter assault units, waiting behind your warriors to jump in and join the fun when the inevitable cc comes. Their ability to create scarabs is interesting, but watch out, majority toughness will kill you. The only time you should create scarabs is if there is 1 or 2 heavy weapons coming at you per turn, otherwise you will fall to a bunch of bolters that wound on 3's because of the majority toughness rule. I don't recomend the Particle projector, since the BS of the tomb spider is pitiful, and it's MC status makes it best when used in cc. You will only fire the PP once per game in most cases, and probably miss all shots. The tomb spider is tough, and can throw around a 5 man tactical squad, it is hard for them to wound T6 without a power fist.

    Heavy Destroyers
    These guys are required against MC's and walkers. They will wink at that dreadnought, and he'll fall. This is the only AP2 weapon we have, aside from the nightbringers lightning arc. Always take a few. Whenever you take them, split them up into as many minimum squads as you have points. It is important, since you probably won't be taking many. 2 squads of 1 can last along time, or force your opponent to shoot alot at.

    If your opponent doesn't have the weaponry to handle this thing, it will walk all over them. Doubling your wbb roll, laying out AP3 pie-plates, blocking opponents assault routes, teleporting around the battlefield, these monstrosities will prove very effective as long as they live. Beware of the lucky lascannon hit though, you can potentially lose it on round 1. Making this option a gamble, but a low-risk one at that. Never field it against tau tho, a rail gun will kill it with ease. This thing can also deep-strike and force your opponent to move his models around. The gauss flux arc is S5 AP4, D6 shots at all units within 12", this can be devastating to 4+ save armies, tau, ig, etc... Some may cry cheese, but the monolith can assassinate a T4 or less HQ, the model in the center of the ordinance blast takes a S9 AP1 hit, so if you pick the model and roll a hit, there is a good chance you can instant death them even if they are attached. The AP1 along with being ordinance will also pop almost any vehicle with consistency, but you only have a 33% chance of not scattering.


    Although highly priced, the c'tan can win the battle for you against the right opponent. A heavily CC oriented army will have problems with a c'tan on the board, they will be forced to come to you, and you can squash them. If your opponent is quick, and shooty, they may be able to avoid the c'tan all together. If you know your opponent, you can field them only in the right situations and they can be devastating, but they may prove ineffective in a tournament list. If your opponent manages to kill a c'tan, they will pop, and the resulting d6 blast at str6 gives them no armor saves, you can take out alot of guys, so this can be helpfull if you roll bad, and the c'tan dies, it will probably kill everything around it when it goes. Another thing to be concerned about is the ability to instant-kill the c'tan, there are a few things that will do it, namely alot of nemesis force weapons, or a swarm of tyranids with rending claws. These guys are slow, and can be shot to death, but can move through cover with no difficult terrain test, try to stay hidden from alot of heavy weapons, although heavy weapons will still find it hard to wound. Their attacks are brutal, ignoring all saves, and hitting with S9+ depending on which c'tan is attacking.

    This guy is the coolest looking model in WH40K (IMHO). He costs alot tho, so you better make use of him. He doesn't move fast, but when used against a heavy cc army, they will be forced to come to him, and boy will he have fun. He can take out almost anything that gets thrown at him, and can also be employed against S3 armies, where he can just make all units in 12" of him fall back 2d6. The nightbringer is best used on his own, he doesn't really support the army in the way the Deceiver does, but he will clean house whenever he gets into cc. Nighty also has the Lightning arc weapon, which is the other AP2 weapon we have, at 24" Assault 1, it is a benefit while he is charging into combat.

    My preferred C'Tan, his abilities support the army you are leading. Use every one of his abilities, they are all very usefull. Although not as strong in cc, with mis-direct he will always get the assault, and 5 attacks. He is still uber in cc, and will also kill almost anything thrown at him. Grand Illusion, can screw up your opponents infiltrating ideas. I find the deceiver to be most effective as a surgical instrument, mis-directing and assaulting hq, and walkers, or anything else you don't like and taking them out, leaving weakened forces ot be mopped up by your warriors.

    Wednesday nights at GW (Ontario Mills in Ontario, CA)

    Latest Victims
    4-7-05 - SoB 1200, S&D Omega, Opponent was new.
    4-7-05 - ME! Chris beats me again with his space wolves (he is a good palyer without his eldar).

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    10 (x1)

    Format and content looks nice, but seeing that I'm not a necron player I can't comment on the actual advice.
    One thing I can say though...what does YMMV stand for? I didn't see any reference to it's non acronym form, and if it's necron lingo then I doubt a newbie would know it.

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    18 (x1)

    Just a correction, when a C'tan dies its D6" and not 2d6".

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    4 (x2)

    Originally posted by Terzo@Feb 6 2005, 17:19
    Format and content looks nice, but seeing that I'm not a necron player I can't comment on the actual advice.
    One thing I can say though...what does YMMV stand for? I didn't see any reference to it's non acronym form, and if it's necron lingo then I doubt a newbie would know it.
    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

    Whoops on the c'tan, correcting right now.

    Wednesday nights at GW (Ontario Mills in Ontario, CA)

    Latest Victims
    4-7-05 - SoB 1200, S&D Omega, Opponent was new.
    4-7-05 - ME! Chris beats me again with his space wolves (he is a good palyer without his eldar).

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    71 (x4)

    I will go over this tactica justin and then post it in the article section.

    Good Work!
    Mentor of Space Marine Commanders far and wide.

    Efficiency VS Point Cost VS Ease Of Use - Your best bets:

    1) Chaplain led Assault squad - 2 plasma pistols, powerfisted sergeant

    2) 8 man Devastator squad - 4 missile launchers

    3) Land Speeder Tornado - HB + AC

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    Hello all and welcome to tatica Necron
    Two from a different author is a less organized fassion
    First a primer
    Second army selection
    Third in game tactics

    Necrons strength and weaknesses
    They get back up
    Gauss weapons
    Strong troops
    Combat tricks
    Midrange shooting
    High leadership

    Low initiative
    Limited cc options (as a side not warriors are not bad just have bad initiative and not great)
    Expensive points wise
    People call you cheesy most of the time and hate you some of the time even when your balanced
    Phase out

    Necrons are a good army with flexibility but limited cc and heavy long range weapons. They have elite basic troops will high power options but they don’t come cheap. A little less than half the time your troops will get back up but once you get down to 75% you lose.

    Army selection:

    C’tan: The two strongest characters in the game. They ignore saves have a 4+ inv and whoop up in cc and can beat anything one on one. However their super expensive can always be targeted and take up a huge point block. Their fun and flavorful but don’t take them in small games
    Lord: strong stats, cool war gear, have a bunch of options. Try experimenting with them most are good but if you use the Veil of darkness expect to be insulted (sadly) about half the time. Strong but use him for support and tricks he isn’t a god (unlike C’tan good gear, chronometron, destroyer body, phase shifter, res orb sometimes veil, solar pulse lightning field, nightmare shroud scythe never phylactery disruption field.

    Warriors: your one and only option for troop’s expensive nut good fire power. Half decent close combat (like SM but low int) take ate least thirty in 1000 point games (unless your bringing many Flayed ones) good but what for ordnance and insta kill and keep them advancing or falling back.

    Fast attack:
    Destroyer: yummy goodness three strength 6 ap 4 shots every turn at 36 in. jet bike mobility. Theses are under priced if slightly fragile death machines use against every army. These are mobile cheap death dealing cannons
    Scarab: cheap use them to hold anything with str 5 or less in combat for several turns and still kill a few. In mass can swarm over 8- man tacks in a turn just keep them away from strength 6 and template. Try disruption fields against nids and tanks
    Wraith: Fun always bring 3 if you bring any. Shield them they only got one wound and use them surgically kind of like one would with an assassin (the cc one) good but can get shot to pieces or tare through a platoon of guardsmen hit or miss but fun

    (Go to other threads for the debate theirs a lot of it and I don’t play with any of them much)
    Pariahs: opinions mixed have war scythes and strong shot but no wwb great termie killers with strong special abilities but less resilient than most see other threads for the debate
    Immortals: upgraded warriors with better range firepower and toughness good pricing but many think warriors are better its up to you
    Flayed ones: cc specialist warriors with scout abilities and two attacks but no ranged again the jury is still out

    Heavy support
    THE monolith: a beast. 14 armor all the way around. Can teleport your units and give them another wbb. Only ordnance available a skimmer so hard to kill in cc all fear and rightfully so bring in most games over 1000 (not against tau rail guns kill it)
    Heavy destroyers: one shot destroyers with a bigger gun only ap 2 gun we got don’t really need it as anti tank because of gauss rule gut good sometimes I don’t play with them but some swear by them
    Tomb spiders: monstrous creatures with the ability to create scarabs and they help with wbb low ballistics and weapons skill but pretty good I don’t play with them buts that’s because they don’t fit in my army

    Army lists
    My own a slightly conservative shooty list (two battle forces a lord and a ‘lith)
    HQ: Lord with war gear depends upon opponent
    Troops: 4 squads of ten warriors
    Fast attack:
    Two squads of 3 destroyers
    10 scarabs
    Heavy support
    A monolith
    1475 points plus war gear
    Bunch of troop’s pretty simple reasonably standard takes big advantage of strengths but has cc weakness to things str. 6 or greater

    A cc army which is very elite and expensive $ wise with many metal models
    Two squads of 10 warriors
    Two squads of 10 flayed ones
    5 pariahs
    Lord phase shifter destroyer body war scythe
    Two squads of three wraiths
    6 scarabs
    Two tomb spyders
    1498 points
    This is a surgical strike force which one should never by its expensive and doesn’t play to Necron strength but the only half decent cc army I could think of props to anyone that uses something like it

    Extreme shooty
    4 squads of 10 warriors
    2 squads of 4 destroyers
    5 destroyers
    Lord with resurrection orb
    this gives you 14 highly mobile flying platforms of death shooting 42 str. 6 ap 4 shots and 40 warriors gives one a highly resilient base than can win even if many destroyers get fragged

    keep in mind theses these are not tournament tuned lists and all have several obvious upgrade potential to balance these are just guidelines that give one a general idea of Necron lists.

    Strategy: long term strategy, to shoot the enemy to pieces. The long term strategy of Necrons are to shoot the enemy at mid range and drown them in torrents of gauss.
    Set up
    Firing lanes: to understand setup one must understand firing lanes. Theses are the areas with LOS from a unit. Assault units must stay out of these and shooting units must control such. When placing troops think about where they are and where they can get in one turn.
    Cover: use it to screen your troops and create firing lanes open spaces about 18 in across are good for you.
    Heavy ‘lith either deep strike or place front and center in your line to help screen troops and break their center heavies should be placed behind cover 10 in away from a firing preferably on a flank across from termies or armor
    Troops line up for mutual support either in cover for against assault or out of cover out of firing lanes against armies with long range fire power (you want to get within 18 in (so one can advance 6) then rapid fire with two or more squads such that you can devastate a squad before it gets into cc. Remember support your own squads and isolate others
    Elites immortals and pariahs should be kept behind warriors to screen them as they serve as a supped up version of warriors remember their good not invulnerable line up pariahs against termies and things with 2+ and invulnerable saves and tanks. Flayed ones should infiltrate or deep strike half the time against armies with weak cc but behind cover so they don’t get slaughtered. Other wise they should be a assault troop against basic troops like SM
    C’tan on a flank or in the middle just charge them strait forward but behind cover if possible to prevent them getting sniped
    Lord with troops usually joined with them beyond turn one use veil but only with big units on flanks try nightmare shroud every once in while against ld 7 armies
    Fast destroyers same as heavies but against things with a 4+ and only vehicles if you lack scarabs with disruptions or heavies (which may be most of the time)
    Wraiths behind cover across from HQ or weak units just keep away from massed fire or cc attacks remember to turbo boost by turn two you can have 42 in of range to charge and use them surgically like an assassin but use three and keep them supported or expect them to die.
    Scarabs deep strike 13 in away behind cover and away from strength 6 and flame and hit their devastator squads or the like (always kill plasma cannons or you will get beaten into a smoldering mess) or deploy them early and use them to tie up and sometimes kill dangerous targets.

    Tactics: mutual support, rapid firing with multiple squads, infantry up the middle fast on the sides lith in the middle, get them and medium short ranges, mutual support again, Thousand points of light (hehehe) troops are strong but don’t put them in harms way unnecessarily, keep out of cc with specialist, charge against SM and lower you out number. Penalize them if the ignore your non Necrons and punish them if they don’t

    Veil or ‘lith tricks spread out a front line transport away after assaulted them shoot them full of holes.
    Laugh at them as they try to role through scarabs with assault troops (ok not really a trick but still fun
    Pariahs and nightmare shroud nuff said
    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='font-family:Impact'><u>&quot;Veni Vedi Vici&quot; </u></span></span>

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    you'd be Canada.

    Bill: actually i think its more like 70 cents.

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    Thanks Justin and Beckboy, im new to Necrons and this is just what i needed&#33; Thnaks&#33;

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