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    I got ahold of a free codex from a friend. Going through it, I decided It would be a cool army to make, rather than just stick up for it(not that I think you need it). I'm thinking along the lines of:

    Archon with ret.
    2 Incubi
    6 Warriors

    3x squads of 4 Mandrakes

    3 Squads of Raiders
    2-14x squads of Warriors

    2x squads of 5 Jetbikes

    A talos
    2 Ravegers

    Every Squad gets maxed out on Dark Lances

    I'm thinking the color scheme will be ether a platium blue with dark purple or bluish grey.
    Wadda all ya'll think?

    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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    Does your codex have a white skull on the front? If not, you should seek out the latest CA or get the second edition of the codex - the changes they made help a lot.

    For the two Ravagers, I have to recommend that you take either three Disintegrators or 2 Dissies and a DL. 3 DLs on a Ravager are simply overkill unless you're facing an Armored Company.

    Be sure to equip both squads of RJBs with Blasters - they can make excellent tank hunters, especially considering they can easily block multiple access points.

    I would also recommend dropping at least two of the Mandrake squads and switching them out for Wyches. Wyches are some of the best units in the army, and using Mandrakes as a beginner will be right tough.

    As for your footslogging Warriors, my preference is to organise them into Sniper Squads, consisting of 10 men with 2 Dark Lances, coming out to a cool 100 points each. Of course, 14 men also works well if you want some more survivability.

    For your Raider squads, I suggest the following setup: 9 men, 1 SC, 1 Blaster and 1 Sybarite with Agoniser + Pistol. Such a squad will do well with shooting or assault, and taking a Dark Lance in a Raider squad is a waste of points. Also, you might want to equip your Raiders with Horrorfexes (an item included in the update). They're cheap and effective.

    Lastly, my personal preference is not to use Warriors in the retinue. Taking them confuses their role and waters down what would otherwise be a very mean assault unit. It's simply no fun having your lord run off the table because of some Warriors dying. Additionally, never trade out the Punishers on Incubi - you essentially pay points for a considerable reduction in effectiveness.

    There are three general setups for the lord I would recommend.

    The first is the standard lord, being an Archon with Shadowfield (a must), Combat Drugs, an Agoniser and either a Splinter Pistol or Poisoned blades, in case you fight daemons and the like.

    The second is a S6 lord, being an Archon with Shadowfield, Combat Drugs, Animus Vitae, Punisher and Tormentor Helm. Both of these first two are accompanied by 6 Incubi on a Raider (6 is an ideal number for fighting Marines, and the Incubus Master is largely a waste of points) and gear is generally added based on personal tastes.

    The last one is a RJB lord, being an Archon with Shadowfield, Combat Drugs (sound familiar yet?), Reaver Jetbike, Agoniser and Tormentor Helm. This one is best used with clever use of the IC rules or some additional RJBs. He still retains a lot of power, he's quite mobile and he doesn't have the liability of a Raider.

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