Hi guys, so I have managed to scrape together enough folks to throw out a 1000pt eldar army (my first 40k army)
What do you guys think?

Farseer on jetbike with singing spear
(I can't decide on telepathy or runes of fate though)

5 Windriders 2 scatter lasers and 3 shurikenn cannons
(Farseer bodyguard and general pain)
5 dire avengers plus Exarch with dire sword
(Someone has to run around and grab onjectives/surprise instant death challenge)

5 striking scorpions Exarch with claw

5 striking scorpions Exarch with claw
(Harrasment and distraction with infiltrate/crazy claw hammer death if they make it into combat)

Heavy support

Falcon with pulse laser and scatter laser
(For flying avengers about and mobile pain)

Night spinner
(Just because, the whole concept is horrific and evil and I love it!)

Wraithlord with sword, brightlance and scatter laser and flamers
(He can have sword and two heavy guns right?)

Aside from a farseer on foot this is all I have for now

What do you guys think? I split the scorpions into 2 units of 5 to make aspect host formation, would I be better with a 10 man squad
Would it be better taking a second farseer with the avengers instead of 5 scorpions/night spinner

My first battle will be against a black templars army, so expecting a land raider, which makes me sad I don't like fire prisms, but hoping my wraithlord can survive long enough to shred it
Any tips on which powers to take with the farseer?
True eldar cheese with guide and fortune, or run the screaming death beast and hope for invisibility

Also, I plan on getting more because I love the aspect warriors
Looking at 5 dragons
5 spiders
10 banshees (I like them ok)
5 avengers ro bulk out the squad I have
Then make either another 10 scorpions or 6 hawks/ 5 spears
Oh and a wave serpent for the avengers
And obviously a wraithknight because, it's a wraithknight
Plus I will probably need some extra windriders and a vyper for making craftworld list
Oh and another two night spinners
Probably a second with lord too for those days you just want to go smash faces with monsters
Anyway, hi, how does it all sound?