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Thread: White Dwarf

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    has ne1 realised how thick the guy doing the necrons in this month's WD is?

    I havnt actually read the article, but a friend told me about it, and it sounds like he was pretty dumb. pls correct me if im wrong

    1stly, he cant take a monolith. so the odds r against him. and hes against terminators, land raider, and the SM special character guy... so he's screwed.


    he could have at least saved himself a bit. 2000 points, ok... a lot u can do with that.

    pariahs??? there goes a whole lot of that 2000 pts, for what? u can't CC terminators, with or without warscythes. for 38 pts a model, they suck. 1 attack. they would b more worth it if they had 3.

    next. NOT A SINGLE DESTROYER or HD. does he have a deathwish?

    the GW staff said they thought pariahs were the biggest waste of points in the game, and u need lots of destroyers to have a good necron army. that guy should go to GW once in a while..

    so yes

    that's my point.

    pls correct me if im wrong, or agree with me!! :rofl:

    *In My Mind*

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    Nothing against this post in principal, but its the style in which you wrote it. Suggest you read the rules before continuing.

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