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    Ye Gads - I need help

    Im a regular on the UK GT scene, and I like to try and take a different army every season. This year I have opted for necrons, as i've never tried them before, but keep coming up with almost identical lists.

    Lord w/ Res Orb

    36 Warriors

    4 Destroyers

    8 Scarabs w/D Fields

    and a random other choice

    I have used theis list against some of my tournament buddies and it does 'ok' but I want it to kick A. I also have naughty dreams about the Monolith (mmmm....chocolatey!) but cant seem to have the courage to reduce the level of warriors because i dont have the experience with them to judge how many are NEEDED as opposed to effective, or the destroyers, as i love the hovery goodness and ridiculous level of fire.

    Help me, and i will reward you with influential positions within the Democratic Peoples Republic of Wayne, when it breaks away from the rest of Derbyshire, or chocolate*

    *(cannot guarantee chocolate)

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    1. how many points do you guys usually play?
    2. if you can put some more stuff on your lord (your lord looks like a secondary lord for wbb purposes)
    3.dont deepstrike the scarabs as they can turbo boost and is much better than being a sitting duck for a turn.... nice tank popping goodiness
    4.bring some heavy destroyers or you have no chance verses annoying 2+ saves and heavy armor
    5. i dont personally use the monolith but its a nasty and i would recommend ONLY using it at 2k or more point games
    6.if you need help filling out some more points (warriors are always a good idea for point fillers) i would recommend 6 wraiths or 8 immortals since these are one of the best units in the necron armor and goes with the phaseout limit unlike pariahs,tomb spyders,scarabs,c'tan etc etc..

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