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Thread: Advanced army

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    Advanced army

    Some time ago I've posed my new army with a serious lack of troops. I've read some topics now and I decided to make a new army with a webway portal. One is risky but it worked. I crushed a 1000pts Biel-tan army with my new armylist. But somehow I can't find the lists section anymore, so
    here are the basics of that list:

    Dracon with agoniser,shadow field en thophy rack
    + 4 incubi: 1 blaster
    +2 warriors sc's
    all mounted on raider with DL

    10 warriors 2DL

    10 warriors 2DL

    Raider Squad (8 + 1 BL)
    +Sybarite + webway portal
    mounted on raider with DL

    10 wyches with wych waepons

    ravager with 3 DL

    I waited enough to get the raider with the sybarite close enough too the eldar lines.Webay portal placed. The sybarite could rush trough a building and assault the snipers. My squad was killed by crossfire after they dealed with them. My HQ, 10 wyches and the talos came out of the portal and managed to kill 2 squad guardians and a squad swooping hawkes. The ravager did some supporting fire and shot down the fire prism. Most of the energy in the first turns of Eldar went to the 2 sniper units in the back. One unit survived. My raiders weren't shot down at turn 6 and I could fire them with the ravager in front to his dark reapers. only 2/5 survived in the building. Only his Wraithlord, farseer and a warlock were standing.

    It felt right with this new tactic. Next time I'll take two webway portals for sure.

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    Your list lacks on several points if yoru focusing on a WWP army.

    First of all your lord is missing his combat drugs combat drugs is a MUST and should be like ''standard equipment. Its great to reroll misses and get that extra few inch assault range or +1 attack or watever you need.

    Besides that you put a WWP squad in a raider that is a baaaad ID. once the raider gets shot down it means your units are entangles in other words they cant do a **** and the next turn there death meat due to standard troop fire. Also a ravager aint that usefull get another talos instead for it. (Yes I like talosses very much have 2 of my own and sometimes borrow 1 to have 3 of them. In CC they can inflict major damage and are hard to stop.

    Make 2 groups of around 15 warriors 2 SC and WWP's then the 2 talos a small HQ in a raider (wyches and lord) to back your talosses up and gettting any possible treaths down (WL's) this should be your basic force later on you should ad more wyches. Also always have at least 2 sniper squads to counter thetanks in the beginning. Also take wych squads of like 7 man a piece. 10 is to much as ive discovered and 5 to few so I always take 7 wyches from now on. Get a succubus with a agoniser for the 3 ''lost'' wyches it will do alot more damage.

    Post a new army list with wat you think is right il give comment once again on that list if needed ^^.

    However with that statement out of the way, I would say listen to ArchonBjorn. He has a really good tendency to not say stupid things and give bad advice.
    Learn from yesterday.
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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