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Thread: Orks vs. DH

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    Orks vs. DH

    The long and short of it is I've fallen in love with Orks. But, the only guy I'll play regularly is a big fan of pure GK DH. Is there even any chance of my winning if I got what I'm yearnin' to - a giant convoy of Speed Freaks?

    I mean, five Grey Knights with nemesis force weapons and storm bolter vs. nine orks and a nob leaping from a trukk - is it even POSSIBLE that the Orks might win?

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    wait so your going speed freeks correct??

    hmm... it is hard to say, as i do not play speedfreeks.

    I'd say pack lots of trukks, but SF masters bikes, as bikes are pure killy in shooty and HTH.

    9 boys in trukks + nob vs 5 GK.. mhmhm

    kinda depends.. assuming your in range.. you do have great chance to win, assuming you pass mob up check, you will both hit simult in hth, your mass choppa attacks should give you the better ratio, althoug their str 6 could hurt a bit.

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    Remember, daemonhunters die just as easily to rokkits and power claws as a normal marine does (5+ to hit, 2+ to kill with rokkit or 4+ to hit, 2+ to kill with power claw) they hurt a bit more, but as long as your power claw lives in combat it should kill 2 or three daemon hunters back (Its doubtful that 5 grey knights will kill 10 orks before orks hit back, meaning they would need to hit and wound with every one of their attacks.)

    Say you strike with 9 boys and a nob with a claw. This would be purely statistics and you both could roll horribly or great or whatever.

    9 x 4 (36 attacks) slugga boy attacks.
    36 x .5 (18 hits)
    18 x .33 (6 wounds)
    6 wounds x .5 (3 armour saves with a 4+ save)

    three daemon hunter will drop, but since they strike simultaneously, they get their full attacks back.

    5 daemonhunters x 2 (10 attacks) true grit marine attacks.
    10 x .66 (6.66 hits)
    6.66 x .83 (5.55 wounds)
    5.55 x .83 (0.95 saves)

    so well say that 5 orks die.

    The Nob with a power clawe gets to hit now.

    1 Nob with Mega Armour x 4 (4 attacks) power claw attacks.
    4 x .5 (2 hits)
    2 x .83 (1.66 wounds)
    No Saves

    1.66 more daemon hunters dead.

    Daemonhunter may or may not have I5 though... but even still you should be able to beat them in combat as long as you get the charge (in a trukk you should.)
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    And you should of course charge the same unit with two mobs at the same time, it should stomp them good. Also throw in a burna in each squad for some power weapon attacks.
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