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    Why should i play necrons?

    I have come to a serious dilemma. I like the necron models but i also like another army. My first army was and is Space Wolve. I've read many post discussing this but im still not convinced.

    Why should i play necrons?

    i know this has been done probably a dozen times, but help me out.

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    Wood Elves 1-2

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    Senior Member joebloggs1987's Avatar
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    Err... its up to you.
    There is no reason why you should or shouldnt play any army, its all up to you.
    If you like both the models and the style of play of the necrons, then go for it.
    I would reccomend finishing off one army first though.
    If your planning to keep your 2 armies that you have now, make them 2000 points or so.
    If you dont want to keep them, then sell them to finance the army you wish to collect.
    800 point armies are not big enough.
    I would reccomend just getting a 2000 point army together first, before you go making lots of little armies.
    If you want it to be necrons, then go for it. If not, then finish one of the armies that you have.
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    heretical thoughts? ShadowZora13's Avatar
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    if you like a slow moving army that is a killer in shooting, but lower langer than most, lots of cool special rules, getting back up, the monolith, ok cc, simple yet effective lists, robots, every unit being able to kill a LR, 3+ saves, teleporting, and GODS, to name a few, then necrons are for you.

    Coming from SW, necrons might not be the greatest, as its 'just another 3+ save' army....But i think with Sw, the play styles will be different enough to give you something different. IMO you might like eldar, as they seem like a good army to start second for a good cc SM army...

    I know, I'm kind of contradicting what I said by starting my second army as shooty SM, but I couldn't resist.....And I am regretting not going for something different now..... Oh well, theres always 3rd armies....or ebay...

    "...lest we perish without ever recognizing our peril"
    -Inquisitor Hoth

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