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    guardians vs. vypers

    ok here is my problem...

    I play Ulthwe and i use 2 black guardian squads and 2 vypers. right now i plan on having a scatter laser in each guardian squad and star cannons on my vypers.

    Do I..

    A- leave it as is to use the Vypers manueverability(sp) with the SC's? and leave the SL witht he guardians to amass more fire power.


    B- switch the weapons so the guardians have the SC's at BS4 and the vypers the SL's with the chance of more(possible) shots at BS3 for a better chance of hitting?

    and a bit off topic..

    C- should i give my falcons Bright Lances even though they have Pulse Lasers? i was thinking of keeping them for the anti tank/heavy troop ability but also i was thinking of giving them SL's to make them more efficient at mauling light troops.

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    My humble opinions:

    A: Get some bright lances or missile launchers to the guardians and star cannons to your vypers. As they have BS4 it will be better to have the one-shot weapons on those squads, at least in most cases. I myself use Missile launchers on my black guardians and cheap vypers with bright lances, and another guardian squad with a Bright lance. the guardians need range and versiality so the ML is great for them. Vypers... well they are cheap and still dangerous when equipped with BL, just make sure you use both.

    C: You can't take away the Pulse laser from your Falcon, besides, it is a great weapon. Give it a starcannon as second weapon, then it can move 12" and fire both + the shurikens.
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