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Thread: Iyanden

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    Hi all. I am starting a Iyanden ghost army, when a very important concept arose. Now i know that a "ghost army" has lots of wraithguard and wraithlords, but i am sorry to say that in a 1850pt or 2000pt battle i would'nt field just ghosts. What are some nice things to put in a Iyanden army besides wraith-stuff?

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    You're quite right. While the Wraiths should form the solid backbone of your list, they should not be used exclusively, otherwise your army will get dashed to pieces while it slogs up the field.

    The strength of Iyanden is the toughness of a coffin-nail.
    The weaknesses are a lack numbers, a lack of speed, and a lack of long-range fire (resulting from low numbers, mostly).

    Myself, I am a pretty aggressive player, despite playing the relatively slow Iyanden, so I like to go for speed. Thus, a squadron of three Starcannon-equipped Vypers would serve you well to harry the enemy and thin out his or her ranks before your Wraiths can be brought to bear. While thinking of speed, a troupe of Howling Banshees mounted in a Wave Serpent will get into battle quickly enough and give the enemy pause, thereby buying more time for your Wraiths. Finally, a troupe of infiltrated Striking Scorpions would serve you well against weakly-armored enemies. Warp Spiders, with the introduction of the new rules, have become very fearsome and make excellent anti-infantry troops.

    The lack of numbers can be solved by adding some souls in the form of Guardian Defender squads. They will provide numbers and firepower, and will force your enemy to go through the Defenders before he can attack your Wraiths. Ranger squads will force your opponent to take pinning tests and keep your opponent down. Dire Avengers will additionally provide firepower and even some decent hand-to-hand combat, which will throw your opponent for a loop when he expects primarily your Wraiths in combat.

    Thirdly, the lack of long-range suppressing fire should be addressed. The heavy weapons carried by your Wraithlords and mounted on your Wave Serpents won't be very effective at thinning out your opponent's ranks before you crash into them; therefore a squad of the feared Dark Reapers will help. Additionally, they are excellent fire magnets, because any shot fired at them is one less fired at your Wraithlords. Some of the Eldar Heavy Support platform-mounted weapons, promarily the D-Cannon will be of great help, despite their relatively short range. Finally, a Fire Prism Grav-Tank will give the enemy another target to shoot at and will lay down very damaging fire.

    Unfortunately, given the cost of Iyanden's basic troops it is fairly difficult to deal with all of these issues in a 2,000 point list, so you will have to leave one or two un-addressed.

    Fluff-wise, the rule I place upon myself to make my list fall in line with the Iyandens' excellent backstory is that I must have no more "alive" models than "dead" ones, not including Farseers and Spiritseers. Of course, no one is under any coercion to follow such a constraint, but it tends to silence some opponents' protesting that I am taking advantage of the Iyanden Army list.

    The list I like to play in 2,000 points is this: (it's not completely filled-in, but you get the idea)

    Farseer, with Fortune, Guide

    5 Wraithguard, with Spiritseer (or Iyanna Arienal herself), in a Wave Serpent
    10 Wraithguard, with Spiritseer, on foot
    2 Wraithlords, with Brightlances

    2 Ranger Squads
    7 Warp Spiders, with Exarch

    Fast Attack
    3 Vypers, with Starcannons

    Heavy Support
    1 Dark Reaper Troupe, maximized

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    Although a noob myself to the game, my 2000 pt Iyanden army is:

    1x Farseer (Guide/ghosthelm for Fire Prism)
    1x Avatar
    4x Warlock (Conceal and Spiritseer on 3 units)

    2x Wraithlord with Brightlance
    1x Wraithlord with StarCannon (all with flamers)
    24 (3xunit) Wraithguard

    2x Vyper (separate units) w/Starcannon

    5x Dark Reaper (exarch w/fast shot and missles)
    1x Fire Prism w/CTM

    Add some CC weapons for the HQ units and its 2000pts bang on.

    While some will argue with the set-up, I'm in it for the modelling and painting too and not "power gaming". However, winning is nice too. I chose both Eldar/Iyanden just because I like the looks of the Wraith units. Most posts say that Iyanden could have trouble with horde units (ie Tyranids), so as stated above more disposable units would be a nice option too. Note that the above selection is already $800 in miniatures - ouch.

    For tactics, basically, the Avatar, WL, WG and Warlocks will steadily advance, albeit slowly. That's where the Vypers come into play - to offer maneouverability. The Reapers and Fire Prism will give long range fire support. If this doesn't work, any of the support models could be changed in the future (once I spend more money) to Falcon/Guardian/Scorpions/weapons platforms, which also have been recommended for this setup. More Vypers to my set-up would be nice too.

    Welcome aboard!
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