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    A few questions...

    I'm new to the world of Necron Tactica, although having amassed a "horde" of 1000 points...
    Im tired of getting pawned by Chaos, so I need some questions answered...

    Firstly, What the hell can you do against 3+ armour saves???
    I was certain that Wraiths Ignored armour, but apparently not >.<

    Secondly, Can scarabs obscure the tomb spyder from shooting? ('cos that would be a very cool thing, making it live until combat, even under fire)

    Thirdly What are some standard lists around the place I could base my list on... Currently I've got / decided on;

    Necron Lord : Destroyer Body, VOD, Warscythe
    6 Immortals
    2*12 warriors
    3 wraiths
    2*3 scarab swarms
    equating to 1000 points.
    Comments? Tips on keeping your damn wraiths alive past the first turn? (damn auto cannons)

    Generally I know That immortals rock at killing fire warriors, storm troopers, tyrannid warriors and other, similar troops...

    That Wraiths kick ass in combat... Are you sure they don't ignore armour???

    Scarabs rock at tieing this up

    that the lord teleports warriors and immortals around the board, and DOES ignore armour, and excells in taking out lightly armoured sections of tank...

    What can you suggest?

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    1) Just keep shooting. You also have a 3+ save as well as WBB.
    2) I don't think so. Tomb Spyders are Monstrous Creatures (thus can be targetted) and with the majority toughness rules it's stats suck when receiving enemy fire.
    3) Try the Army List section.
    4) See about including Destroyers (both normal and heavy). Destroyers aren't so hot because it doesn't negate 3+ armour but the range and strength help. Heavies are used the same way lascannons are, to bust that nasty Daemon Prince, bunker or tank.
    5) And wraiths don't have power weapons. If you want them to survive plunge them through/behind terrain and make sure they don't get shot up.
    And over there we have the labyrinth guards.
    One always lies, one always tells the truth, and one stabs people who ask tricky questions.

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    Drop the vod on the lord and give him a phaze ****er. now take him and the 3 wraiths to go kill that prince. Put the scarabs together, make em last longer. For these points, wraiths might not do too well, but thats just my oppinion. I'd take destroyers. cc+chaos=BAD. Pretty good list, and welcome to LO.

    No scarabs don't block the spyder for three reasons. they are size 1, and the spyder is size 3, only equal or greater sized models may block los. Next, troops can't screen anything anmore, like you could in 3rd ed. 3rd, the spyder is a MC, so it can always be targeted over other troops, unless los is blocked. I think the only way they could is if it was size 1 models firing at the spyder, and it hade 6" worth of scarab wall infront of it, cause then it would be subject to the fade out rule, I THINK. Don't quote me on that one XD.

    "...lest we perish without ever recognizing our peril"
    -Inquisitor Hoth

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