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    Cheap yet cule TankBustas!

    Tankbusta blister pack = £6
    you need about 6 boyz, so 3X6 = £18
    Plus 3 rokkit boys = £18 (you get the big shoota too, which is anoyying, as you can use double shootas in plastic).

    so thats £36 not including a nob.

    You can get 8 really cule Tankbustas including rokkit boyz however for half that price. (not including nob, but enough stuff to convert a nob model) and in only one box set!

    the Stormboyz set!

    You get 8 orks, each can have a stikkbomb to represent their... stikkbombz... and you can use the rokkit packs as rokkits (this looks very OTT which is perfect for Orks!!!) Just use a stikkbomb as the sort of handel, like on the existing rokkit boy model. Hey presto, cheap(er) yet really fun looking Tankbustas!

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    I hadn't thought of using the stormboyz for that before... interesting...
    I personally sware by the cheaparz approach to making stikkbommz and tankbusta bommz, which in the first case involves the barrel off of a shoota and an ax handle, and in the second a button with green stuff in the middle and some handles you get off of the knives on the sprue. Cheap and effective.
    Although, personally (once again harking back to my slightly unorthadox army) I don't use tankbustas all that often. My boss with the burna does a good enough job tearing tanks to shreds, as do my huntas with rokkits. That and you are paying more points for a rokkit launcha in a tankbusta pack then you normally would. Which is annoying. If they weren't so friggen expensive I'd stick them with burnas and send them on suicide runs.
    "Some days you're the Mekboy building the kannon, the rest you're the grot being blown up by it."
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