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    Worst luck ever! (Noggin deserted me!!!)

    I played a game today against Alaitoc Eldar.
    I had the following:

    Warboss, mega armour + stuff
    Big Mek, KFF + toolz, grotz etc...

    Looted russ
    Trukk boyz
    Flash Gitz------------Both with mek boy + KFF + toolz + grots (its a bad moon thing)
    Flash Gitz------|
    'Ard boyz
    2 Kanz.

    He had:

    Farseer + 2 warlocks (In falcon)
    Farseer + 2 warlocks (on jetbikes)
    2 wraithlords (starcannons)
    the aforementioned falcon (brightlance, pulse laser)
    5 ranger squads
    2 Pathfinder squads
    1 guardian squad with brightlance

    Before the game began, he did his ranger disruption (with 7 rolls... eesh!)
    The only units he could target were the stormboyz and Flash Gitz (everthing else was in a transport or a vehicle)
    Result: 2 dead stromboyz, the rest were pinned. Both Flash Git units were put in reserve.

    !st turn: He won first turn. Starcannoned the kans, imobolising them. Brightlanced the Battlewagon. Blew it off its tracks killing 5 grots and 3 'ard boyz. The warboss, big mek and 'ard boyz were then entangled. He stunned the trukk. Wounded the big mek with snipers.

    My go: Nothing I could move at all...
    I shot the kans big shootas, and the russ, to no effect.

    His turn 2: blew the weapons off the kans, killed more 'ard boyz with snipers. Killed the trukk (and 4 boyz inside it). Shot most of the rest down with snipers.

    My go: Stormboyz assaulted jetbiked farseer + warlocks, killed the warlocks. Flash gitz turned up. Meks helped big mek repair the kans a bit. Killed nothing with shooting.

    His turn 3: Roasted the stormboys with destructor from the other warlocks (from the falcon), mind warred the nob. (he promptly exploded). shot the 'ard boyz up more, killed alot of flashies with snipers.

    My go: I did naff all...
    Warboss walked out a bit, russ shot some grass, Farseer + warlocks finished off the trukkboyz in cc.

    His turn 4: killed the rest of the 'ard boyz with snipers. Assaulted Russ with a wraithlord (bang). Flash git mob finished off by more snipers, and farseers.

    My go: assaulted wraithlord with warboss. Wounded it.
    At this stage I had 1 half flash git mob, warboss (wounded by snipers) Big mek (likewise) and 2 kans.

    His turn 5: My luckiest turn, his snipers had nothing left to shoot at...
    killd the rest off the flash gitz, assaulted the kans with the other wraithlord. Kans survived, and tore it to peices by outnumbering 2:1. Warboss Klawed the other wraithlord apart.


    Is that the most unlucky start to a game ever or what???

    AKA Grabnutz
    Moderator over at http://forums.relicnews.com

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    Good moral victory to your warboss, he lived and killed two Wraithlords and your kans that are very cheap and very effective. Well you were facing an a aliatoc army, thats what it was suppose to do.

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