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    To use or Not to use

    I play a Deathskulls Ork Clan and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use a massive or gargantuan squiggoth in the army to sompliment the firepower of my basilisk and leman russ battle tank. The Gargantuan squiggoth was my primary choice and am just curious to see what everyone thinks.

    EDIT: Stats removed, don't do it again unless you like to suffer because I am an insecure twit that likes to threaten people with my LO authority - Hard Aun

    Without going into any more detail it cna take a bottomload of weapons and up to 20 orks. What do y'all think worth it or not?

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    Ditch the stats, mi amigo. The nobz don't approve of the boyz letting our secrets get out that easily.
    As for the massive/gargaunt squiggie, I thought that unless you used Feral Orkz, you had to use the IA rules for the Squiggoth, which are a nightmare and a half.
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