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    Special Scenario

    Farseer Typhandris pondered what had happened to him. It was only a second ago when he felt a pain in his head. "Something is wrong" he thought, there was a presence in the galaxy that tugged at his very spirit. We must find what it is, he said to his concerned looking warlock apprentinces. Before Typhandris knew it his craftworld had arrived where the presence of this "thing" was strongest. It looked like a newly populated imperial planet, and in their terratory. The Farseer took a small scouting party to investigate the planet, destroy any imperial presence, then leave. When Typhandris landed on the surface he found a destroyed research facility, he saw the bodies of dead Mon'keigh everywhere. He could see and feel the the presence of chaos ever so strong on this hell planet. He entered the main research building with his warriors cautiously. In the center of the floor they saw a lifeless corpse unlike the other bodies,the top of his head its head was brutally torn to peices. "This no eyes", stated Typhandris "he must be a psychic". This worried him very much because unweildy psychers can bring about warp enteties of immense power. Suddenly he saw a dark and immensly tall figure stand in the darkness of the room. It lungged out grabbing one of his guardians and sucked the very soul from his body. He doubled back in horror and made it out the door along with most of his sqaud, except for a very ulucky few who the door closed behind. He heard the futile struggle of the the men left inside and their screames being silenced. When the figure came out he could tell it was a warp entity. He gazed upon it and felt the corruption that it was. "Stand and fight"ordered Typhandris "we must stop it"!

    This scenario can easily be replicated. All you need is a make-shift building you can call a research station, some other terrain peices to add life to your game, a 500 to 1000 pt eldar army, and a model to represent the warp entity (be mindful that I use the word "entity and not creature,but a psychicly powered intelligent super-being straight from the warp).

    The warp entity has the following profile ...
    Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
    5 4 6 7 4 5 3 10 4+invulnerable

    Special rules for the warp entity ...
    Mind Crush: The entiy goes into the minds of its chosen victims and kills the their brain leaving the body lifeless. During the shooting phase the entity may select one target and try to crush its brain in a flurry of warp magic. The target rolls a D6 and on a 3+ the model suffers 1 wound and on a 6 it takes two wounds, but when a wound it taken no saving throw of any kind is allowed.

    Warp cloud: The entity summons a temorary mini warp storm around itself. In the assault phase the entity may summon the warp storm, but only once each turn Everyone in the assault (no matter how far) take a strength5 ap 5 attack. The Warp cloud activates at initiative 3, and the warp entity may not attack that same assault phase. That it uses the power.

    Soul Drain: The warp entity sucks the very essence of its vistoms and leaves there souless shell to rot. The warp entity ignores normal armor saves. For every 7 models the warp enity has killed it gets a +1 to its strength characteristic. This represents the boost in strength that the warp entity gets from the souls it consumes!

    The terror: Any unit in an assault with the warp entity suffers a -1 leadership when taking any morale checks.

    Fearless: It doesn't know the meaning of fear!
    ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________

    Scenario special rules:I don't know how to calculate the points for the warp entity so I'll leave it to you to make a eldar force that stands a chance against such an enemy. The game ends when either the eldar force is destroyed or the warp entity.

    Back to where you came from: Farseer Typhandris is one of the oldast and most experianced farseer of the present. At the beginning of each turn the farseer rolls two D6 and on the roll of 11 or 12 the warp entity is hurled back into the warp where it came from.

    Hope you've liked my special scenario and found it interesting. Please tell me what you think it and if you have any ideas to throw in it is welcome. I have played this scenario several times and find it very fun.

    Last edited by Bane_of_the_Mon'keig; May 20th, 2005 at 03:58.

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