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    An easy way to convert SC on your Falcon

    This thread might have belonged in the conversion forum, but since it is supposed to be read by Eldar players i thought this was better. Over to the conversion:

    You need: A Falcon, the spare parts from a Wave Serpent and a spare Star cannon.

    This is how it's done: Take one of the spare armour plates for the weapon you get in the wave serpent (you get two pairs) and stick it to the falcon with the Starcannon. It should look like this:

    Falcon from the side

    Make sure it is the correct armour plate, since there is one for the right and one for the left.

    Making this i used a metal Star Cannon since the ones you get in the wave serpent box looks crappy and i wanted them on my serpent.

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    I did mine the exact same way!
    what can I say? great minds think alike.

    however, I just reshaped the one that came for the scatter laser to fit more, instead of useing the one from the WS.(I use the forge-world WS)
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