Seacond hand man and nail polish remover vs. the poorly painted resail Flayed ones - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Seacond hand man and nail polish remover vs. the poorly painted resail Flayed ones

    Issue one: Ah, nail polish remover, The Necar Of Gods!

    This thread is about nail polish remover.... yes, nail polish remover.
    If anyone knows anything about me in 40k, it's this, I'm a penny pincher(yeah I said it) and whats wrong with that? Who doesn't want to get more "Bang" for their proverbial buck? Well I, for one, do. And lucky for you my cheapskate antics are your gain because I am..... The Seacond Hand Man! I know your asking "Is this going anywhere" well, the answer is no, so pay attention. I'm sure everyone here has been in a situation in your gaming environment with the young 40k player who I like to call, the prodigal gamer. Every year or so, this scrappy young lad will pick the hobby back up, in denial of all the work, wich he can't do, that comes along with it, veinly attempting to start up the latest army he just impulsively fell in love with. Well Love Hurts. And this is where you come in.(don't worry, I'll get to the nail polish remover in just a moment)Every now and then the prodigal gamer will, just fortunately enough, get hooked on the army you play, at wich point you befriend the little ankle biter. After regailing him with your gaming wisdom(or lack thereof) and putting up with enough questions like "Can the Necrons beat the Dinosaurs?" you'll hit paydirt. The young tike( or sadly enough, in some cases older players) will either quit or switch his army again, due to later realised prefference or beacuse he forgot to take his ADD medication again, wich is when you cut a deal. Now it's important not to hustle little Dennis or Rutteger, so as not to get Mr. and Mrs. prodigal gamer involved or discourage future business propositions. So keep your eye on the prodigal gamer And I tell you all that to say this. In my latest pay off I scored 3 wraiths and ten poorly painted Flayed ones for 30 bucks. Ka-ching. But being a tight wad would I let the bad paint discorage me?, not at all. For I discovered nail polish remover, a way to remove the paint completely, yet gentle enough not to melt the bases or break off the hands of the delicate Flayed ones(I'm also lazy you know).Now Flayed ones or any other metal necron model for that matter usually break easy, being so thin and spindly and what not,and with the FO's the folds and crevices are hard to get into so use a soft tooth brush to gingerly get into the recesses. pour the nail polish remover( or any other acetone) intoa glass cup or container(anything not plastic) , making sure its large enough to accomodate the model, dip the model in for a couple seaconds remove from dip soak the tooth brush in the acetone and brush the paint off, keeping plenty napkins on standby.Make sure paint removal is done in a safe location as the polish remover can ruin things like plastics, wood, carpets...etc. And viola! You Save Dough. Flayed ones: 15$, Nail Polish remover:1$
    Tooth brush: 1$, earning a little cold hard cash..... Priceless.

    " Are you gonna bark all day little doggy,
    or are you gonna bite? "

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    Dude, hvae you looked at the stripping section of the painted forum.

    Lock thread.
    Three Companies of the 26th Vinancium
    143rd Airborne Badgers (99.9% done)
    159th Corsair Rifles (35% done))
    69th Armored Wall Busters (95% done)

    Total 197 men, 12 tanks, 4 Heavy Artillery Pieces

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