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    Ideas for an Ork army

    This isn't anything too out of the ordinary, but I wanted to run this idea by all the Ork vets before ploughing ahead with it. Love the regular Ork infantry models; hate the trukks (and I don't really feel like scratchbuilding/converting my own). I know the problems inherent in an Ork footslogging army, but wanted to go ahead with one anyway, with a couple of "distraction" units in place to give me a fighting chance (hey, Orks are the underdogs anyway, so if I win one in three games, I'll be happy).

    The idea is to have a solid artillery line (something I've always wanted to do with a 40k army) full of a Looted Basilisk and 6 Lobbas. This will allow me to do a major saturation pounding of enemy positions while my boyz advance. I know Lobbas aren't as well liked as Kannons, but they have the longest range, and also don't require line of sight.

    In addition, the main distraction units will be 6 Rokkit Buggies/Wartraks divided into 3 groups of 2. And then, I'll fill out the rest of my army with as many boyz toting rokkit launchas, big shootas, and burnas as possible --- probably 70 or so in a 1500 point game, and 90 or more in an 1850 point game.

    I'm not looking for a solid game winner, just something that will give me half a chance and that I can have fun with. I'm excited at being able to line up 7 artillery pieces together behind terrain, and also the rokkit buggies/traks will do their fair share of damage before they get taken out. I figure that just so long as I hit the enemy lines by turn 5 with 30 or more boyz left, I'm solid.


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    Sounds good to me, actually.
    Who is bad-mouthing the lobbas, anyway? They're my favorite big gunz! *Fist shake*
    The rokkit buggies would work like a charm, especially if you give them a stikkbomm chukka and decide to go tankshock some random infantry units. Or, if you're playing against 'nids or that khorny (ha ha, I make a funny) chaos army list, stick spike n blades on the things. There's nothing funnier then having your 50 point unit leading a 120+ squad of beserkers around by their nose.
    Unless you are playing on a large table, I would suggest getting yourself a griffon (okay, so I like it, I'm not afraid to admit it). It's strength is three less then the basilisk, but it has a shorter minimum range and has indirect fire without having to spend the extra points for it (this means that it's 50 points cheaper then the basilisk). Possibly drop a squad of warbuggies and take their points and the points you get from losing the bassie and invest in a squad of warbikes? And a nob with a PK? Substained twin-linked big shoota fire is the bane of many an army, especially when you can move, shoot, and then assault and shoot again. Or, you can keep the bassie and forgo the bikers, whatever is up to you. If you keep the bikers though, that's yet another unit that is giving your moving boyz a 5+ cover save.
    As for your footsloggers... grots will be your friends. Defiantly. Get yourself a unit of shootas to act as a mob up squad and as a mobile dakka pile and grab yourself a few slugga boy squads and possibly a burna boy squad for anti-vehicle goodness and the KFF.
    For elites... see about getting yourself a squad of 'ardboyz and skarboyz each. The 'ardboyz would make a wonderful spearhead, and the skarboyz can krump whoever opposes them. If you are worried about lack of anti-armour, a squad of flashgitz with four rokkit launchas and shootier shootas will make mince-meat of low-armour vehicles (like ork trukks, natch) and the sheer mass of rokkits is bound to hit SOMETHING.
    Good luck man. Look forward to seeing your army list and offering some advice.
    "Some days you're the Mekboy building the kannon, the rest you're the grot being blown up by it."
    - Quote attributed to Sorkrates, before his much mourned death due to ingestion of Hemsquig Juice.

    "Dis iz my choppa, and herez me gun. Dat's for killin' and so'z dis one!"
    - Bloodaxe Kommando Warchant

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