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    Help on my proposed Beil Tan

    Howdy folks.

    I'm a long time Dark Eldar/Wych Cult, Mechanized Guard and Tau player who has always been fascinated by the Eldar range of models.
    Over time, I've collected a few Eldar soldiers here and there, and I was wondering if I could get some advice from seasoned Eldar players on if I'm on the path to collecting a worthy force, or if I'm basically throwing my hard earned cash on an ineffective army.

    So far, this is what I've collected:

    The Eldar Avatar (I got this model just because he looks great (and it was 40% off!)! I converted him using an extra sword arm, so now he has a double bladed Wailing Doom. I call him Darth Avatar, heheh)(I'll post pics (though unpainted) soon).

    An Eldar Farseer (I got a fancy 'Necromunda' Farseer. I've not seen any of the regular Eldar players in my gaming group field this model, I think he looks great)(I intend to use him for Guide/Fortune(?), and maybe get lucky and bust a tank with his Singing Spear)

    Eight Striking Scorpions and one Striking Scorpion Exarch with a power claw. (I intend on filling this squad out to 10, and having them infiltrate using Stealth) (I also think I want to create a duplicate Scorpion squad, so I'd have two infiltrating teams.)

    A Fire Dragon Exarch with a FirePike (this guy will eventaully lead one of two small squads of Dragons in one of my...

    Two Falcon Grav Tanks! (In my opinion, without a doubt the best tank in the game, period. I have these two identically kitted out for mass destruction (I can't remember all the weapons, but I know everything is multishot, and at least Str 6, plus the upgrades that make these guys really difficult to kill, Holofield and Spirit Stones, if I'm not mistaken) (Both of these tanks tally in at 210 points a piece, wow~!)
    (Also, I bought one Falcon and one Wave Serpent(that is being converted to a Falcon) for the cool weapons sprue. I've considered making the Serpent modular so it could be either a Falcon or a Serpent given a situation.)

    So right now, my intention is to eventually have two squads of Scorps who infiltrate, and two squads of Dragons who fly around in the two Falcons, while the Farseer hangs back and casts spells on the tanks to make them shoot better, meanwhile, the big mean Avatar runs up a flank attracting attention from my main troop force.
    I'd also like to add some Shining Spears because I absolutely love the models!

    Anyway, what do you experienced Eldar generals think? Coming from the armies that I do, I can see this kind of force will take some time to get used to (considering all my other armies have a 'horded infantry' theme to them, while this has a relatively small model count). I just want to know if this will be effective. What are some tips or strategies I should be aware of when playing Beil Tan?



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    -2 squads of fully decked out scorpians if quite nasty, indeed, but not all missions allow infiltrating. they have a good save with numerous attacks but having such a valuable unit hoofing it across the board is less than desirable.

    -also another squad i've seen and used to extreme effectiveness is a wave serpant full of banshee's. a second turn charge will wreak madness against an enemy who set up their units wrong.

    -falcons are amazing tanks. i use mine w/ satr cannons, spirit stones, and holo-field for 190 points. i don't upgrade the shuriken cannons, their range is just too close. but but but, if you have a falcon with fire dragons the extra fire power will help out what ever they are targeting.

    -avatar's are nasty, but don't let them get shot at too much, like everything else, used wrong and he goes down. i like to use him as a counter attack.

    one of the best beil-tan armies i've seen use 2 wave serpants full of banshee's, a farseer on a jetbike that "guides" 3 vypers all with eml's, 2 falcon decked out like i stated, a unit of fire dragons in a falcon, and i think 2 squads of striking scorpians. he had some other troops but this is all i remember seeing.

    i play ulthwe and vanilla so i know how aspects work to an extent. i may make a beil tan i might not, those metal infanrty units are killer $$$ but good luck and just search through other threads, you should be able to find a lot of ideas.

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    I definitely agree that scorpions can be quite nasty, consider using the phoenix lord in a squad... makes them fearless. In addition, since you have the avatar, how about a court of the young king? its fluffy.... gets shot to pieces but fluffy. If your strictly playing Bielt-tan do not buy jet bikes you will never use them. I would advise a couple of reaper squads... 2 small ones should do fine, and a wave serpant will be good if you buy those banshees so the squad can be 10 strong.
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