Hi all

I thought i would put down my thoughts for a 1500 list.

I find when making standard army lists the only difference in my 1500 point selection is that ive dropped my biovored for an equal amount of zoans.

I dont feel as inclined to take two cookie cutter fexes as i may take a meat shield fex for minimum cost.

I have reducded the amount of warriors by a third to take more genestealers (much more viable).

I kind o feel pressure to take anti marine hormagaunts to try and put some speed back into the army (non beast warriors).

For competition play you cant go without a lictor. The reserves roll and having feeder active for your 30 gaunts could make the difference between a typical tyranid slug fest. And a hormagaunts day out at wendys ice creamery. Especialy if you have invested in the +s +i as i have.

And raveners actually feel like the right choice to make for speed and endurance.

Thats how the list makes me feel.

--------------Random thoughts below---------------------

The thought crossed my mind to take 20-25 odd warriors with spinefists.
Look at the points cost.
They are all synapse so for every one you take its like having 2 as far as casulaties are concerned.

Having no hive tyrants having 20 warriors as many raveners as i could possibly fit in with standard terror tactics setup (rend, scythe) some zoans and heaps of termagents.
Could make for some reallly amusing games.
The only thing stopping me is money for the warriors. But with my 3 mates (we have 6-9 each) Were going to put the army to the test against some cheese at the next 40K comp.

Ill let you know how it goes vs the standard cheese shooting armies. and a khorne army of course.

For all you that are wondering about the difference beween a spinefist and a 6point gaunt witht he reroll toughness. Well. You shouldnt be putting so much effort into calculating how their effectiveness compares vs just t4. But t3 also. And you will find that the 5 point gaunt is infinetely more effective than the 6 point gaunt when you have 10 5 point gaunts left when both units take 20 casualties and there are no 6 point gaunts left. For the same point values of course (exagerated) I think it words out at around 300 points. Anyway if you didnt understand that ask for the working.

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