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    played first nid game

    i have finaly played my nids. they did well even with my horrible! horrrible! rolling(a total of 5 rending rolls the entire time). i played a three way game against imperial guard and space marines 800 pts. my list looked like this;
    tyrant cc upgrades scything and rending warp blast
    3 warriors scything extended carapace
    14 spine gaunts
    10 hormagaunts
    4 ripper bases
    ravener rend scything
    zoanthrope warp blast

    imperial list
    hq in chimera
    immolator tank
    2 grenadier squads
    3 heavy bolter teams
    3 lascannon teams

    5 assault squad
    2 tactical squads (10 man)

    i went first had two shots on front armor of chimera with warp blast missed twice.
    missed 2 deathspitter attacks and my barbed strangler attack on grenadiers.

    imperial went tyrant now down to 2 wounds spinegaunts all dead

    space marine moves a little sits and laughs

    horma gaunts charge grenadiers kill all close enough to die
    genestealers close
    ravener deepstrikes beside tanks
    miss alot again same shots miss

    imp guard eats my genes with heavy bolter fire
    tyrant down to 1 wound left
    grenadiers lose all in cc
    immolators eat more genes
    deploys hq out of tank

    space marine take a twin link las shot with pred against rear armor of immolator misses with a space marine twin linked las rediculous
    move assault squad fire a frag at my hormagaunts misses

    ravener causes hq and imp guard retinue to leave bored(my one bit of luck)
    tyrant charges chimera and immobilizes it thats all
    zoan misses
    the 2 genes decimate the heavy bolter teams along with the rippers
    hormas eat the lascannon teams
    warriors miss every time (yay)

    imp guard immolator kills 6 hormas eeesh
    grenadiers arive( reinforcements) kill ravener

    space marine kills tyrant with a krak
    move a little
    predator fixes his sites on me

    that was pretty much it i beat out the imp guard by a good amount of points then killed a few space marines firing from cover while the two remaining genes got me my 5 rending attacks of the game and preformed valiantly. anyhow i was pleased with nids, ive got a much better feel for nids now. just not sure if i want a vc warrior or another barbed, im leanin towards vc. next time oh next time, i think there was actually another round before imp guard died and i did nuthin and marines did little to nothing and imp guard poked me.

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