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Thread: Shooty ork army

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    Shooty ork army

    Ok, I couldn't find this searching so I hope it's not an old topic...

    Anyway, how about a really shooty ork army? with lets say...

    4 Squads of 16 shoota boys, (128 shots in rapid fire range.... 64 in 24" away.)
    1 Leman Russ (1 battle cannon shot, 6 heavy bolters, 1 lascanon shot.)
    2 Squads of 10 Flash Gitz with 4 heavy shoota (12 strength 5 hits, and 12/6 shoota fire {But I'de give them the +1 strength so 18 strength 5 attacks.) that's each squad.
    3 Kannons (3 Strength 8 attacks, or 3 blast markers.)
    2 squads of 5 bikes. (30 strength 5 attacks, {both squads})
    Warboss with big shoota, with 5 with all big shootas and power clawz. (18 strength 5 hits.)

    Total shots per turn...
    36" away: 71
    24" away: 141
    12" away: 211

    Now... That's alot of shots... But is it worth it? With only BS 2, they're aren't gonna hit alot... So anyways, do you think it'de be cool and competitive??? Thanks in advance...

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    If you want to play a shooty ork army I would say play snakebites, they can get huntas with a BS of 3 as troops (Huntas are from the Feral Orks). Then you can still get everything that you wantd except that you would only be able to get one squad of flash gitz.

    Or you could play Bad Moonz and get flash gitz as core choices

    Just my two teef tho
    "I am the architect of fate!"

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    Shotty is Bad Moons. They use flashgitz as core units. Alot of people get 4 flashgitz with 4 BS then a nob with a BS then do this 9 times. Thats 135 shots per turn very ork. Get a few rokkit buggies in tehre and your good.

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