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    Starting DE, wondering about Harlequins

    Most of this message you can probably guess from the title. I'm about to start up a DE force (well, I'm waiting until I've got a good 500 pt Goblin force, and then I'm gonna start working on DE as well) and I was wondering whether anyone uses Harlequins in their DE force. They seem pretty good, but I don't really know, they're very expensive points wise. As in, my brother has the beginnings of a 1000 point list that looks like it will have around 25 models. That means that I'll be able to easily get some Harlequins to use in my force, but I'm not sure if they're worth it, since they seem to be essentially only slightly different forms of Wyches. Anyone used them before, or want to comment?

    EDIT: I can't help but think that a well placed Death Jester with Shrieker Cannon would be a treat against Nids. You could place it so that it near enough to a squad to stop it from being targetable, and BS4, wound on 2+, explode if slain would be pretty awesome against high-T enemies. It would also be pretty great against things like Obliterators if combined with Dark Lances, expect to do one wound with Dark Lance volley, then fire with a Shrieker Cannon or two and hopefully you can get a S5, AP2 explosion... but is that really worth 47 points?

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    Problem is that harlies are no longer official I don't thnk, but they are a good fun army to add in to your DE. You kinda have to build the dark eldar army for them though as you are giving up elites slots (wyches) to squeeze them in.

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