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    Tyrant Guard and mixed armour

    While trying to decide on my new nids list, I was reading the entry for the Tyrant guard and a thought occurd to me.

    Given the mixed armour rules and the fact that the Tyrant is a monstrous creature, the rule for shield wall says you cannot pick out the Tyrant as a seperate target. Well is this not exactly the same rule as the one for Independent Characters who join a unit.

    So my question is if you hit the unit of, for instance 1 Tyrant and 3 Guards with more hits than the unit has wounds do you follow the established mixed armour rules and have to allocate some of the wounds to the tyrant when the majority armour saves have all been allocated or do the Tyrant guard take all the wounds until they are dead and then the Tyrant can be targetted.

    In the old rules the guard took the wounds thats what they were there for, but if you just follow the normal rules for mixed armour and taking complete models whats the point in having the guard.As you would have to allocate wounds to the Tyrant (if i am wrong please let me know)

    I know you can always target a Monstrous creature and the guard help avoid this but 130 points basic for 3 models seems expensive for 6 extra wounds.

    Hope you can help as I find it a bit unclear as to how to use them.

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    The Mixed Armour rules apply as normal. The only thing special about Tyrant Guard is that they are able to prevent the Tyrant from being picked out in shooting, which would normally be the case given that he's a Monstrous Creature.

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