Hi, I recently got the following army and I'm trying to put together a 1500 point list. Here's all of what I got:

1 Warboss in Mega-Armor

1 Warboss w/ Attack Squig

1 Warboss (primed white)

9 Nobs in Mega-Armor (4 painted, 2 primed black, 2 primed white)

3 Nobs

2 Painbosses (1 painted, 1 primed black)

4 Cyborks (custom mods)

1 Nob w/ special (mod) banner pole

1 Ammo Runt

5 Kommandos

1 Stormboy

44 Ork Boyz

1 Slaver

20 Gretchin

2 Wartrukks

1 Warbuggy

1 Wartrak

1 Oiler Grot

1 Kannon w/ 2 Gretchin crew (primed white)

2 Dreadnoughts

3 Killa-Kans

I also have a looted leman russ that I'm going to use. So far what I'm thinking is one squad of 20+ boys, and the grots and slaver for my troops. For HQ, I thought about using the Warboss in mega armor (I think it's the Ghazkull model) and give him a power klaw and shoota. Also since I have it I thought I'd throw in the painboss and the cyborks as another hq choice. Then for heavy support 3 killa kans in a squadron, a dreadnought, and the looted vehicle. For fast attack 2 squads of 8 truckboys and a nob and a squadron of two wartraks/wartruks. I still need to add some stuff to get it to 1500 but what of the list so far? I'm pretty new to orks and I just wanted a fun army to play, not necessarily a tournament list or anything.