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Thread: new to the bugs

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    new to the bugs

    from the dark depths of space a dark horizon is looming as hive fleet Arklos emerges from the depths of the void to feast on the galaxy

    greetings fellow hive minds i come to join you all and hopefully expand my tomb of DNA

    i just got given about 1200 points worth of nids and hope to start expanding them soon i currently have:

    2 tyrants
    3warriors (ill need more of these me thinks)
    25 spine gaunts
    22 scything gaunts (my own design not those over priced hormos)
    16 gene stealers
    7 ripper bases

    all of these are 3rd edition (the alien queen HT etc)

    im planning to ad some more warriors and a fex before any thing else then move on to grabing gaunts

    comments would be welcomed

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    Im not a nid player but from what i have played against that seems to be about the standard army shape. A good place to expand from. I think that you should go will a lot of larger tyranids just because they are cool. And my nid army would have at least 6 warriors 2 carnifexes and tyrant.
    I think that is a great start and a very standard army. You dont plan on using both tyrants do you, can you?

    I say go for it bring on the bugs, guns never tire.
    Deek out........

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    Well, some things you should know about 4rth is that there are no more cheap Hormagaunt variants. The cheapest you can get is the Hormagaunt. Don't worry, you probably won't have to redo any of your scythe gaunt models.

    It looks like you've got a got start models wise. What do you have your Tyrants decked out with? Or are their blu-tacked on? Two Tyrants are fine, they'll draw a lot of fire and supply ample fire support and Synapse. You may find your gaunts are held back by the range of the Tyrant synapse (and with Hive Nodes out the window, Synapse is very important now). I'd suggest either a Winged Tyrant or more Warriors. That way, you can spread out your synapse to better cover your gaunts.

    Heavy Support seems to be the only thing you're lacking, but if you plan on picking up a Fex soon, you'll be fine. Zoanthropes are another good choice to round out your HS selections. I don't suggest taking Biovores, only because they are vastly different than they were in 3rd. You may like how they play though, so don't just take my word on them.

    Other than that, welcome to the Swarm.
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    good start.. in 4th you will absolutley want a lictor and a fex tho .. but ya great start. the lictor has new abilitys and new deployment rules, trust me its a mean bug

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