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    Feral Ork advice

    ...basically, what should I choose? I'm torn between the idea of as much of a mounted force as I can get, or a completely footslogging, post-apocalyptic sneaky gun-toting horde. Trying to mix the two didn't seem to work, I didn't get enough guns or boars to really make that much difference.

    Can people give me the pros and cons for these things, along with any other general advice on collecting feral orks, please?

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    The heart and soul of a Feral orks list is big mobs of Madboyz with grots leading the way. Bring along a Nobs and Pigdocs armed with rokkits and that is your main force. Don't let anyone tell you its cheesy - let the dice gods decide the outcome.
    I use boars for my HQ only. There are not strictly necessary but a tooled up HQ with boars and nobs can take out most anything in the game.
    The rest of the force is down to preferences. I love Squigs and Squiggoths. I will almost always take them. I sometimes opt for a Weirboy and a squad of Brutes for fluff - note they are very effective but I'm not surer they are worth their points akways. Never-the-les over 2000 points they go in as they look so cool.
    I never use Trappas or lobbas. I do take a squad of Huntas quite often as they can go hunting for juicy targets.

    I never worry about winning. I just want a good fight and Orks are always up to that. Footslog most of your boyz across the board and make sure you have allotted terrain on the table. Use grots to get past difficult terrain and you will be in H2H without too much damage.

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