As you probably remember from my recent posts, I have described a simple(?) method to make "battle situation maps" similar to the ones in White Dwarf battle reports. Now I want to add a realistic example, but suffer from the fact that I am not really a gamer... Well, look at my website (section "Elaborate
example!") and you see what I mean... :blush:

Now, therefore, I turn to you, my fellow forum comrades, humbly asking if any of you would like to help me create a realistic deployment example. If you do, I ask you to make a good effort to produce a realistic, competitive army list and deployment and then let me publish it on my web site. You will, of course, get a corresponding by-line and my gratitude!

The fictitious game is 1500 pt "Take and Hold" (Alpha) Tau vs Necron. The terrain, objective and deployment zones are already given by my example. Deployment is "blind", the opponents do not see the other party's deployment until both are done deploying. So, how would you select and deploy a force in this case?

If you are a reasonably experienced gamer and seriously interested in helping me, PM or mail me and we will work out the details. (You do not need PowerPoint, I will do the drawing. As long as you are able to describe the deployment I will put the symbols where you tell me to!)