My Space Orks army list consists of 1500 pts. with both feral and reg. ork units. Now, my dilemma is that I derived this list from information given to me from a friend with a white dwarf about creating your own ork list. What he tells me is that its perfectly game legal to play the list so long as you write down common unit choices limited unit choices and restricted unit choices.Well not having actually read the WD I was just wondering if this was actually legal. heres my "Codex" of unit choices

Every feral ork unit except junkas,herdas stikk bombas, and 0-1 Wyrdd Boy

And from reg.orks I use sluggas, shootas, skar boyz, 0-2 tank busta mobz and 0-1 storm boy mobz, and every thing else I keep off limits

Appreciate any feed back on wether this is legal or not